Paul Meyer's Power Rankings: 8/27/06

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(Last week's rankings in parentheses)
Rank, teamThe skinny1. Detroit Tigers (1)Casey's new area code: 573.2. New York Mets (2)Good news about Glavine.3. New York Yankees (4)Fried Red Sox to a Crisp.4. Chicago White Sox (3)Garland a lei of hope.5. Minnesota Twins (5)Punto, Bartlett unsung heroes.6. Oakland Athletics (7)Relentlessly doing their August thing.7. Boston Red Sox (6)Manny might hamstring Sox at times.8. Angels (11)Weaver proves human -- barely.9. Cincinnati Reds (12)Maybe they are for real.10. Toronto Blue Jays (8)Gold(en) Gloves have new meaning.11. St. Louis Cardinals (9)Losing Eckstein latest blow.12. Los Angeles Dodgers (10)Sweep by Padres a jolt.13. San Diego Padres (16)Everything Jake for Peavy now.14. Texas Rangers (13)Tamed Tigers, stung by Devil Rays.15. Philadelphia Phillies (15)Ancient Mariner sails east.16. Arizona D-Backs (14)Desert not so Green anymore.17. San Francisco Giants (17)Reliable 'pen would be Giant help.18. Milwaukee Brewers (20)He's now Ohka Tomo.19. Florida Marlins (21)Considering six-man rotation. Hmmm.20. Houston Astros (19)Oswalt beats Reds -- again and again21. Colorado Rockies (18)Among teams slipping off radar.22. Atlanta Braves (22)Home woes, bullpen doom Bravos.23. Cleveland Indians (24)Down 10-1? No biggie.24. Seattle Mariners (23)See Colorado Rockies above.25. Baltimore Orioles (25)Hat trick for Markakis.26. Washington Nationals (26)Too many cameos by starters.27. Chicago Cubs (27)O'Malley joins the DL crowd.28. Tampa Bay D-Rays (28)Ruined Rangers' rush.29. Pirates (29)We will ... s-l-o-w-l-y.30. Kansas City Royals (30)Mark is Teahen off.


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