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I support Clinton

When I voted in the Ohio primary, I didn't have a difficult time making a decision to vote for Hillary Clinton. She is the candidate who not only has the plans to help our economy, she also has the ability to do it. Growing up in Coraopolis, I learned what a recession could do to families and entire communities. I feel that Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has the strength, knowledge, and ability to begin to turn around the economic crisis our country is in. I want to encourage the people of Pennsylvania to vote as the majority of Ohioans did: Vote for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, April 22.

Judy Wray, Marietta, OH

I support Clinton

I support Senator Clinton. She is smart, articulate, personable, and knows how to get along with everybody.

I trust her not to shake everything up so much that we no longer will recognize Washington DC, The White House or this Country anymore.

I trust her to look after the interests of all people not just some people.

Joan Stanford, Memphis, TN

I support Obama

I support Barack Obama because he's a breath of fresh air in a toxic cloud of political pollution caused by politicians who claim to represent the people and their needs and interests, but actually represent the corporate PACS and lobbyists who funds their campaigns. Obama refuses to take one cent from this influence buying gang and will not be their puppet when President. Obama will shift power from these special interests to the people's interests so we can finally get things done for ordinary Americans like me.

Frank Lupo, St. Petersburg, Florida

I support Clinton

A little known fact. Hillary is responsible for designing and instituting CHIP, a guaranteed health care plan for all children. under the age of 19. It covers checkups, vision, diagnostic tests, immunizations, dental and hearing care, mental health, outpatient, inpatient and emergency care, and prescriptions. This is the results of her much criticized health care plan in 1993. If she can do this from a failed attempt, just think of what she could do for the adult health care when she is elected president. That's what I call a leader or serves her public.

Cathy Krizner,Pleasant Hills

I support Obama

Personally, I like both Democratic candidates - Obama and Hillary. Both are well educated, passionate about making positive changes, have many excellent qualifications and, like anyone else, have their good and bad points. In my opinion; however, when we take a moment to step back to look at the "big picture" from a strictly historical point of view, I feel that electing our country's first African American president will have a greater, more positive overall impact for our country as a whole, than electing a woman president -- especially one who, unfortunately, does come with a certain degree of baggage.

Ron Tuchin, Pittsburgh

I support Clinton

Senator Clinton offers new ideas to help America become greater. How about a cabinet member who is charged with ending poverty in the world's wealthiest country? How about an economic plan that brings us the prosperity we enjoyed in the 1990s and pays off our national debt? How about a goal of curing breast cancer in 10 years? Don't we need an Apollo-like effort to reduce global warming and create new jobs?

Hillary Clinton is the president for me because not only does she have these good ideas, but she has a proven record of turning good ideas into reality.

Cheryl Suchors, Cambridge, MA

I support Clinton

As a working class man from Massachusetts with ancestral roots in Pennsylvania, I have to lodge a complaint about the Obama Campaign. Stop the Labeling. Stop the Sexism. When my daughter comes to me in the morning before school and asks me why Obama is labeling white Americans and labeling Hillary Clinton with the Annie Oakley stereotype, we have a problem in this community. In case we forgot, stereotyping is not politically correct. We must elect Hillary on the basis of her commitment to children and her track record of fighting to make this country a better place for all Americans.

Jeff Ross, Boston, MA

I support Clinton

I am a woman who grew up at the same time in our American history as Hillary Clinton. I am deeply involved in her quest for the presidency. Her journey has touched something I haven't felt in years. I am a college-educated privileged female, but I have found that my class standing does not separate me from other women. During my canvassing in Scranton this past month I spoke to a woman, about my age, who had registered for the first time in her life. She was not a college graduate, lived a simple life in a part of the city trying to hold onto its dignity. She said she had always been intimidated (my words) by voting, but this time she asked her neighbor to help her. She is voting for Hillary Clinton. This race is about more than selecting a presidential nominee. It is about secret wishes, dreams and unfulfilled aspirations. Its about changing history. Its "about time".

Judith Nathans, Cambridge, MA

I support Obama

During the debate in Philadelphia, for the umpteenth time, Obama had to explain his relationship to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and explain how his "bitter" comments were taken out of context. Obama not only addressed these topics forthrightly, he relentlessly tried to bring the debate back to the issues most Americans care about; healthcare, jobs, and the war in Iraq.

Clinton lost creditability. Clinton pounced at every opportunity to bring down her fellow Democrat through cheap character assassination. Rather than engaging in a politics of tearing people down, Obama builds people up.

America needs a president that can unite our country, and bring about the change our country needs. Obama is that candidate.

Michael Dukes, Bulger, PA

I support Obama

The U.S. Constitution states that "all men are created equal." We have a chance to see this vision realized. We can show the world that our constitution is the best there is and is one that is true in every way.

Senator Barack Obama is the only candidate who brings hope to all segments of American life. His supporters are a rainbow of colors and represent all of the ethnic groups in America. No other candidate can truthfully make this claim. Senators Clinton and McClain will both continue the Bush Administration's policy of complete divisiveness and exclusion in the future.

Harvey Smith, Sr., Monroeville

I support Clinton

Hillary Clinton can defeat John McCain. Barack Obama cannot. We must have a Democrat in the White House to begin to undo the havoc of the Bush Presidency. Hillary alone can withstand the slash and slime machine of Republican presidential politics. "The vision" guy won't know what hit him. Ask Harold Ford, Max Cleland, John Kerry. Hillary has faced them down for 20 years. And she will have an effective, competent, responsible administation, open to the world and the needs of this country.

Frank Cooney, Cumberland, RI

I support Clinton

Like many Americans, I have been captivated by Sen. Obama's ability to communicate and capture audience attention. He comes across affable and forceful. However, I cannot easily dismiss his misdeeds.

For one, it is hard to fathom that you can sit in the pews every Sunday and listen to Rev. Wright and not be influenced him. Sometimes silence speaks volume. Second, I am concerned about Sen. Obama's claim that he does not take money from lobbyists. If you look at yesterday's USAToday columns, Sen. Obama has received $138M from dozens of bif-firm lobbyists.

Sen. Obama's "friendly" relationship with the self-proclaimed Pentagon and US Capitol terrorist, William C. Ayers is very troubling. I cannot see how someone as intelligent as Sen. Obama would hand around Ayers, receive donations from him, or even go to his house for any reason. William C. Ayers is a convicted terrorist who has killed Americans!

For this and other reason, I cannot in good faith support Sen. Obama. I will support Sen. Clinton.

N. Nia, Vienna, Va

I support Clinton

If ever there was a time when the United States of America needed the smartest, most capable persosn as President, it is now. Clearly, Hillary Clinton is the smartest, most capable and most electable candidate. The domestic and international damage done by the Bush Administration is potentially disastrous. Americans cannot afford to leave the repair of this damage to chance and HOPE that the next president will be someone who can and will successfuly address the serious issues we face.

Why would any democrat deliberately sabotage the General Election ?

Sherry Perdue Austin TX

I support Obama

As a Catholic feminist from Western PA who believes that experience is critical to our future president's success, I've been informed that I should not support Barack Obama. Unfortunately for Pennsylvanians, divisive and fear-mongering "should" politics have been deployed by Clinton's campaign to win over pie charts, not people. I support Barack Obama for his brilliance, grace, and ability to inspire. I also support Barack Obama because of my father: a suburban Republican who admires John McCain's military record and switched registration last month to support Senator Obama. He's not supposed to support him, either. Go figure. Thanks Dad.

Abby Wilson, Bloomfield

I support Clinton

Why Clinton? Well, for one thing she'll get us back to a stable, prosperous economy. Also, in addition to her much superior qualifications, she's ready with well-thought-out plans to effectively address our problems. Her in-depth knowledge & experience are real; she?s not a product of a massive public relations campaign. We need a president now with the solid experience & prepared plans to move us quickly in the right direction, & a nominee with qualifications for a viable candidacy. The only one qualified to fulfill these needs and successfully lead us to a robust & peaceful future is Clinton.

Patrick Knif, Chicago, IL

I support Clinton

Barack is untested, more so now than the Iowa days.

A good philosophy alone won't get us out of the rut we're in, with the high gas prices and floundering economy. I think Clinton is more savvy, and like her or not, you'd have to error on the side of caution and bet on experience.

When you think of it- most of her woes are really her husbands' baggage. The Rev. Wright issue and Barack's naivete is a huge turn-off . . .

He wasn't perceptive enough to notice what was happening in his church for the last 20 years? No free passes to the White House.

Paula Hope, Steubenville, OH

I support Clinton

Change we can believe in? A real change would be a hardworking, professional, committed, experienced, talented, educated, dedicated, prepared, passionate, articulate, skilled woman breaking the glass ceiling and becoming president. To my fellow women, we have come a long way. We can make history. Another man as president??--no change I can believe in.

Beverly A. Beisgen, Pittsburgh

I support Obama

Barack Obama is not making vote getting promises but will make intelligent decisions as a president. He will surround himself also with those who have expertise in their fields. To rush in complete withdrawal of troops in Iraq will note the thousands died in vain, and mark the deaths of the Iraqi natives who have helped us over there. Senator Obama has experience in solving problems here at home in his state and in Washington...and yet can bring in a fresh new start for us all with intelligence. He would also be untiring at the end of the day when it might be time to make decisions.

M. Lou Harrison, Verona

I support Clinton

Not only will I not support Obama after this appalling campaign season but am leaving the Dem Party. After 30 years I feel betrayed by Superdelegates like Kennedy/Kerry chanting "follow the will of the people", while they hypocritically stand in opposition to the MA win for Clinton. This Superdelegate virus pervades the airwaves trying to force out Sen. Clinton and disenfranchised voters . Dems are not democratic. For years Republicans have spoken about the arrogant manners of the Democratic Party -a taste of bitterness I now know and will take to voting booths for the rest of my days.

Roseanne Vecchione, New York City

I support Clinton

The Presidency, as a world leadership position, does not have room for extemporaneous speaking without careful thought. Obama seems to need more time to come to grips with this and so does his wife. Whether the misstatements have a "kernel of truth" does not matter. There are more subtle and effective ways to correct errors in society than just being "honest" (abrasive, really) and smacking people in the face with it.

Hillary is more adept at the art of political parlance. It is not "dishonesty", as some might say, but the wise use of "discretion". World leaders require this attribute.

Rebecca Ramnytz, Fairlawn, Ohio

I support Clinton

I believe that Hillary Clinton is the most experienced and the most qualified candidate for our party's nomination. She is prepared, does not shirk hard work and has judgment that has been honed by a rich and varied set of experiences. I have been privileged to see her speak on multiple occasions and I am always impressed with the depth and breadth of her knowledge. She never hesitates to take questions from the audience and always has detailed, well-reasoned responses on even the most arcane of topics. Her detailed policy prescriptions and plans to achieve universal healthcare, reduce dependency on foreign oil, fix the economy, stem foreclosures and rebuild our credibility abroad are sorely needed at this point in our Country's history.

Ann M. Bilyew, Boston, MA

I support Clinton

I have always been a Clinton supporter but after last night she proved to the entire country what an amazing president she will be. Her comments about Iran were spot on. Her comments about affirmative action were just a glimpse into the type of compassionate and well rounded administration she will run. She is far more qualified then Senator Obama and has the best chance of winning in November. She has run a positive campaign contrary to what the Obama camp would like you to believe. She would just deflect his comments but after the Harry and Louise ads she finally took out the boxing gloves and started firing back. She has had an uphill battle especially with an extremely biased press. She is the clear choice and will be the most amazing president. Vote smart vote Clinton.

Toni Alves, San Francisco

I support Clinton

Barack Obama has been the golden boy of the media for months now. In the PA debate, we finally got to see how he handles himself when he's on the defensive. I saw a man thrown off his game and who never recovered. My vote is going to Hillary. Her healthcare plan is the most thought out, and she has experienced first hand what happens when you tackle Washington as a "newbie" when she was First Lady. I believed the lessons learned have shown her what it takes to make it work this time around. For anyone who anticipates needing healthcare in the future, vote for Hillary!

Steven Satzger, Lawrenceville

I support Clinton

I was refused surgery after scheduled by two doctors, due to and auto accident with a semi. I was told that I had a broken back (and I could be paralyzed from the waist down without it ), the Hospital and doctor canceled my surgery. Both wanted a down payment!

If I did not pay up front for the surgery.

Doctors take an oath: But they told me since I was not going to > die the oath did not apply! I now have steel rods and > bolts in my back.

I'm disabled but they wanted the cash up front.

Let's not have to Train the Next President.

Vote Hillary! For Your Sake And Mine!

Kevin Cecil, Louisville, Kentucky

I support Clinton

I support Hillary Clinton for President because she is the strongest and most qualified candidate. Senator Clinton brings over 35 years of experience. She has served as a Senator of New York for 8 years. She knows how Washington works and as President, She'll Get It Done. She knows the challenges that America faces and possesses the leadership to turn our economy around. Obama is a premature opportunist. He would have a tremendous career in the Senate gaining the experience required to become president.

JoAnn Dunlavey, Boston, MA

I support Clinton

Hillary grew up in a middle working class family and worked her way through college and Law school. Her parents helped with College. She knows the struggles of the working class families. She did not grow up in a rich family as many Obama supporters believe. She has spent her whole life fighting for the poor, middle class and the disenfranchised in America. Hillary does not and has not supported NAFTA. She is her own person. She made many landmarks in history for women, and she is the only candidate running who will ever make change in our country.

Mikaela Fisher, Mt. Lebanon

I support Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to lead this nation in perilous times, and the only one with the seasoning and wisdom to offer the Republicans a serious challenge for the presidency. Senators Clinton and Obama seem to share the same values, but when Clinton takes office, she will hit the ground running with experience and battle-tested strength that will go a long way towards real and effective implementation of the change we have all been praying for. No learning curve for her, and she has already dodged all those right wing bullets, still standing tall and ready to lead.

Matthew Galbraith, Reserve


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