Over 350 Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill in Georgia

A dog breeder in Cherokee County, Ga., is being charged with 264 counts of animal cruelty after over 350 dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions, according to a report from NBC 11 Alive News.

Joy Wise, the owner of Heavenly Kennels, was running a puppy mill on her wooded property in the central part of the state. Most of the dogs were small breeds, but some Huskies were also rescued from the site.

Officials were called to Wise’s property after a dog purchased from the breeder died. A Cherokee Marshal’s Office spokesperson said that the dogs were being kept in “unsanitary conditions” and that feces, urine, and dried-up food had fallen through the grates of their cages and were not removed.

According to a report from AJC.com, 357 dogs were rescued - many are pregnant and one dog gave birth to puppies after being placed at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter.

All the dogs were taken to the shelter, which had to close down for the day in order to receive all of the animals. The shelter is providing the dogs with care and medical attention, and has started an emergency fund drive via Amazon to help raise money and supplies for the dogs.

The dogs are not available for adoption at this time, and a few more of them are expected to give birth in the coming days. Once the dogs are evaluated, workers will be doing their best to find these dogs and puppies new homes.

It’s astounding and disheartening that these puppy mills - ones with hundreds of neglected and abused dogs - still exist. Thankfully these 357 pups made it safely to a shelter, where they will hopefully get a chance at a life of love and compassion. This should serve as another reminder to adopt, since shopping at pet stores and disreputable breeder supports puppy mill cruelty.

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