Dealing with puppies’ excitement urination

Does your puppy get too excited when someone new approaches to pet him, or does he urinate when you enter a room? Excitement urination is a common issue that puppies face. It occurs when dogs lose control of their bladders during situations that involve social stimulation – it can even happen during very active play. If this happens to your four-legged friend, the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen director, Mary Burch, offers the following tips to help you overcome the problem.

— Never punish your puppy for excitement urinating. It will only make the problem worse.

— Instruct those asking to pet your puppy to allow the pup to approach them rather than reaching out for the puppy.

— Give your puppy plenty of opportunities for socialization and continue exposing him to new people, places and things.

— Praise and reward your pup for greetings where he doesn’t urinate.

— If the excitement urinations happens when you get home and greet your puppy, try being very calm and not making a fuss over your pup. You want to minimize the excitement that leads to the urination.

First Published August 3, 2014 8:00 PM