Chickens, ducks strut their stuff at outdoor film festival

Who knew that Columbus, Ohio, is the site of a poultry show that is the equivalent of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show?

The people who breed fancy chickens and compete in the Ohio National Poultry Show know. They and the annual show held in November are featured in the 2016 film “Chicken People.”

The documentary and the Poultry Fashion Show that preceded it were a hit last Saturday at the Scenery Hill Outdoor Film Festival in Washington County.

Aram Asarian, the film fest’s founder and owner of Aram Designs graphic design studio, was pleased with the turnout of 60 people for the first-time event.

Eight costumed chickens and three Peking ducks preened on the “chickenwalk” at the North Bethlehem Community Center. The four birds that competed for prizes each won a blue or pink chicken leash and harness. One hen seemed pleased with her new accessories.

“Her owner said that when they got home, the other chickens were jealous,” Mr. Asarian said with a chuckle.

Jasmine, a Blue Amerecauna held by Anne Asarian Cummins, wore a bonnet and apron. Frieda, a Golden Brahma hen named for the grandmother of owner Debra Lynn Kimball, modeled a red, white and blue “American-themed” costume.

A cowboy hat adorned the head of an Isa Brown hen named Henny Penny, with Racquelle Rockwell. Rudy, a Silkie rooster with Krista Stiller Martin, wore a blue ribbon. Ms. Martin, a member of  the Uniontown Poultry Association, also brought “showbirds” Molly, 10, a Welsummer who was a champion in poultry shows, and Svetlana, a silver-laced Polish Hen.


Mr. Asarian brought three of his Peking ducks and RuRu, a rooster named for celebrity Ru Paul. They did not compete.

The free Scenery Hill Outdoor Film Festival will continue once a month through September. On July 1, they’ll show  “Man of Steel,” Aug. 5 is “Moana,” and Sept. 2 is the documentary “Seed.”  All films start at 8 p.m. Bring chairs and blankets to the back lawn of the North Bethlehem Community Center, 13 School House St., Scenery Hill (15360). 

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