Basset hound with a Pittsburgh pedigree appears in Italian book

Hermione, a basset hound who lives in Italy but has ties to Pittsburgh and Toledo, Ohio, has a star turn in a new Italian coffee table book, “Dog Chic.”

Hermione, the only basset hound in the book, appears on pages 58-59, draped in a lovely yellow scarf and bow. Her “bio” identifies her as 8 years old, her age when the photograph was taken in June 2016.

Her owner, Luisa Zambon of Toledo, got Hermione from John Robinson Block, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Hermione’s mother was Clementine (now deceased), his beloved pet.

All of the text in the book is in Italian, but the whimsical photographs taken by Gio Martorana need no translation.

The dog on the purple and lavender book cover is Ginger, whose curly brown fur is accented by three strands of gold and brown beads. She looks like a poodle, but the book identifies her as a “barbone,” which means tramp or mutt in English.

Some of Hermione’s bookmates include Tiffany, a white Chihuahua wearing pink pearls and a white satin bow, and George, a Pembroke Welsh corgi wearing a red, white and blue coat decorated with Campbell’s soup cans.

Here is a translation of the book text accompanying Hermione’s photograph:

“Distinctive features: infinite sweetness. Hermione is a primadonna, always looking for attention. But how could you possibly deny her? With eyes that immediately draw you in and an adorable personality, this 8-year-old basset hound is the essence of sweetness: She loves to play and be spoiled, unless it’s by men wearing blue, which she simply can’t stand!

“If blue isn’t her thing, pink definitely is, and this is the color of her cashmere security blanket. Just like any respectable primadonna, she adores perfume, and she likes to go out wearing only her favorite scent, Mitsouko. She’s practically a four-legged Marilyn Monroe.

“Hermione never skimps on elegance, even as she keeps up with the frenzied pace of the city: a brightly colored scarf is all she needs.”

“Dog Chic” is available on Amazon and at Google Books. The publisher is 24 Ore Cultura.

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