Second dog found covered in hot tar in East Liverpool, Ohio

A second dog has been found covered in tar along a street in East Liverpool, Ohio, after the boxer-beagle mix’s brother was treated at a veterinarian in Robinson for severe burns from the thick, hot substance over the weekend.

The dog, named Miley, was found in East Liverpool Tuesday night, not far from where her brother Oden was rescued. It took workers at a grooming service across the Ohio River in Chester, W.Va., nine hours to remove the tar from Oden’s fur. He was then treated for neck pain, severe burns and an eye infection at VCA Met Vet West Animal Hospital in Robinson, according to KDKA-TV. 

Miley is expected to see a vet today once she’s cleaned up.

An abandoned plant in East Liverpool is leaking tar, according to Ashleigh Yoho Deal, of Ashleigh’s Dog Grooming at Safari Dog in Chester, W.Va.

First Published July 16, 2014 12:00 AM