Pupsicle: Your dog's new favorite treat

Mary Kennedy Withrow of the Animal Rescue League introduces the pupsicle, a neat recipe to keep your dogs well-hydrated and cool all summer.


Peanut butter

Milk bones

Plain Cheerios




Chicken Broth

Canned green beans (optional)

Use muffin tins for small dogs or solo cups for larger dogs.

Line the inside of the tins or cups with peanut butter.

Drop in Cheerios and kibble.

Add a bit of honey.

Slice sardines and distribute among the tins or place a half in each Solo cup.

Dilute the chicken broth slightly (2 parts broth, 1 part water.) Pour into tins/​cups.

Cover milk bone in peanut butter and place in middle.

Freeze solid.

Remove the finished pupsicle by turning the milk bone.

First Published July 10, 2014 12:00 AM