Q&A with Penguins forward Craig Adams

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The NHL lockout has wiped out training camp and early games in the 2012-13 season, but the Post-Gazette will help you catch up with the Penguins with an occasional Q&A. Today, we probe the mind of forward and Harvard graduate Craig Adams, who spent the 2004-05 season playing in Italy during an NHL lockout and said he is now exploring the possibility of playing in Europe again. Adams, 35, was claimed off of waivers by the Penguins in March 2009 just in time for the team's Stanley Cup run. He is the team representative for the NHL Players' Association.

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Question: What's it like being a first-year player rep in this, of all, seasons?

Answer: I don't want to say it's exciting, but it's definitely interesting. We would prefer not to go through it, but I'm the type of guy that likes to be informed, and it's interesting to be in the room.

Q: How is this lockout different for you from the previous one?

A: The other one, for me, I made the decision in the summertime to sign overseas. I was gone the day the lockout started. Over there, it was just whatever we read on TSN or what updates we got. Being that far away, you were more removed. And there was more of a sense that it was going to go a really long time. We kind of settled in. Not that we didn't hope something would get worked out, but the mentality was different.

Q: What have you been doing with your spare time?

A: I haven't really had a lot of spare time. I come [to Southpointe] in the morning. I get back in the early afternoon. The kids are getting to that age where they're starting to do lots of activities. Our weeks are flying by. It's been a lot of fun to be at almost everything [with the kids]. I'm definitely not bored.

Q: What's the best thing about having a Harvard degree?

A: The best thing about going to Harvard is the people you meet, my wife being No. 1. I've made some great friends there, plus great contacts. Some really cool people. As far as the degree, I guess it hasn't really helped me so far, but maybe one day in the future I'll get the benefit of the doubt or it will open a door. Then you've got to go in and prove yourself after that.

Q: What's one of the funniest moments on the ice that you remember?

A: One game when I was playing in Carolina, Ray Whitney was in the starting lineup. He was out there for the anthem. I was on the bench. As soon as the ref dropped the puck, he took one spin, then headed for the door and headed straight off the ice. All I could think was, 'Oh, boy, he pulled his groin or something.' He was a really big player for us. A few minutes later, he came back to the bench, a big smile on his face. We had all thought maybe he was out for the year or something. He said, 'No, I just realized during the anthem that I really had to go to the bathroom.' He gave us a good scare.

Q: What's your favorite meal?

A: I cook a rack of lamb with roasted potatoes that my mom taught me to cook. It's pretty solid. I don't do the mint. Just garlic, lemon, rosemary. You've got to under-cook lamb -- medium rare. It's not an every-night meal, for sure.

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First Published November 1, 2012 4:15 AM


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