Playoff Q&A: Jordan Staal

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Q What's your comfort level with being a full-time center and getting a fair amount of ice time there?

A I like it. I've been a center all my life. I've played some left wing here. But I feel a lot more comfortable, even as the playoffs go on now. Everything seems to be coming into place positionally.

Q Your hockey stick -- how tall is it, have you ever had your side-to-side reach with it measured and what kind of advantage does that long reach give you?

A I've never put a measuring stick to it. It comes up around my chest, just below my chin. I've never really measured my reach, either. I guess I have a pretty good one. It helps me out a lot putting pressure on guys and reaching around guys to make plays. It's always tough on goalies, too, when the puck's way out to get a shot from out there. It's tough to read.

Q Your older brother Marc is a defenseman with the New York Rangers. What was your first talk with him like after the Penguins beat the Rangers in the second round?

A Right after we beat them here [in Game 5], my parents were down and my little brother, Jared. We talked right after the game just about the series. Nothing too crazy, but it was a weird conversation and it was kind of tough. He said to keep it going and bring the Cup home.

Q You've got a pretty good playoff beard going for 19. Have you ever grown one before?

A In Peterborough [in junior hockey] I did. I was 17. It was a nice neck beard anyway. It's pretty much the same this year, but it's a little thicker. I'm pretty impressed with myself.


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