Ice Crew, Mellon Arena

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If these three guys look at home on the ice, it's for good reason. They're members of Mellon Arena's "Ice Crew," and they paused briefly for this picture a few hours before the final regular-season hockey game at the place fondly known as "The Igloo." From left are Lenny Milko, Skip Martin and Jason Baranowski. Martin has been caring for the arena's ice since 1969. Milko has been a crew member for 12 years, and Baranowski for eight years. They'll have at least a few more nights of work at Mellon Arena -- during the Penguins' run for the Stanley Cup. Milko is ready. "We want to see them win the cup on this ice," he said.

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About Pittsburgh Revolution
Photographer Steve Mellon takes several pictures over a brief period of time, then stitches them together in a computer.


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