Franklin Graham uses his faith in politically divisive ways

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The PG article on Franklin Graham was accurate as far as it went in exploring Mr. Graham’s views (“Revival’s Franklin Graham Has Supporters, Detractors,” Aug. 10). He regards his particular faith as the one true path to salvation.

That is not a problem. His remarks on other faiths, while irritating some nerve endings, are part of the free speech this country prizes. However, he oversteps the line in his rather obvious desire to promote only one end of the political spectrum, while dressing his opinions in the guise of Christianity.

In 2012, he carefully implied that Barack Obama might be a Muslim, as his paternal line consisted of Muslims, and therefore he could have inherited that faith. In saying this, he flew in the face of both science and of Christianity, in order to promote his rightist political agenda. His attempts to backpedal on the statement when there was an uproar were pretty lame and reflected a desire to keep his own reputation clear, rather than clear up what he had said.

It is one thing to have strongly held beliefs. It is an entirely different matter to use those beliefs in the service of earthly power. We have seen enough of where that leads in countries like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

That is what you get when you start using people’s faith as a politically divisive force. That is what Mr. Graham does as his stock in trade. He ends up being more like a Fox News flunky than a messenger of faith.

Green Tree


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