President Obama's critics should stick to the facts

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Regarding Dave Stroud’s Aug. 7 comments referencing Sister Patricia McCann’s support of President Barack Obama (“A Lawsuit Is the Only Way to Rein in Obama”): I felt such a response would be forthcoming.

In our democracy, consideration of opposing views, and the factual basis behind them, are critical to the success of our government. But in the case of Mr. Stroud’s letter, his comments are not based on fact.

His opinions, and assumptions are similar to those of other individuals unwilling to accept inconvenient facts. When confronted with actual facts, they ignore them and argue that their opinions have magically — “poof” — become factual truth.

Consider Mr. Stroud’s examples. Despite hearing after hearing, there is no evidence that the Internal Revenue Service is harassing the president’s political opponents. What is clear is that an inadequate IRS response to the hundreds of new political action group applications led to this controversy.

Regarding Mr. Stroud’s “no constitutional authority claim,” prior presidents made far more executive orders, including President George W. Bush on drug coverage. In reference to the minimum wage, President Obama acted within his constitutional authority, only changing the requirement for the employees of firms fulfilling federal contracts.

In respect to the Environmental Protection Agency, I’m afraid most Republicans will continue to deny climate change even while being swept away by a future super tornado.

So many of President Obama’s detractors are simply unwilling to accept this intelligent, articulate man is our president. They cannot even see the irony of their position regarding this lawsuit.

The House is suing President Obama for delaying the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act, an action the House of Representatives actually voted for him to take!

In response to such insanity, I am certain each night Sister McCann prays for truth and compassion to guide our nation.

This will be my prayer as well.

Belle Vernon


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