A lawsuit is the only way to rein in Obama

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It is disturbing when an educated person like Sister Patricia McCann expresses bewilderment at why frustrated congressional Republicans have resorted to a (threatened) lawsuit to curtail some of President Barack Obama’s excesses (“The GOP Lawsuit Against Obama Is No Joke,” Aug. 5).

Is she unaware that the president has unilaterally and with no constitutional authority “modified” or ignored scores of provisions in the Affordable Care Act to suit his political desires and avoid embarrassment? Can she not see that the Environmental Protection Agency has gone completely “off the reservation” with carbon dioxide regulations, implementing crippling provisions that Congress specifically rejected just a few years ago? Has she failed to notice that the Internal Revenue Service has been harassing Mr. Obama’s political opponents for the past six years?

And as for immigration reform and the minimum wage, does she not wonder why these issues were not important enough to act on during the two full years when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and the White House, but they are now “urgent” when the president knows he lacks the votes to implement his stated desires?

Like it or not, each of the three branches of government has a specific role to play in the governance of the country, and the president has no power to make up laws or change them when he doesn’t like them. And, unfortunately, there is no method of simply asking the Supreme Court to tell the president to “knock it off.” The court can deal only with “cases” and “controversies,” so the only way to rein in a renegade president is to initiate a legal case that can ultimately be reviewed by the court.

Franklin Park

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