President Obama's critics must start using facts

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I am pleased to see the Post-Gazette publishes letters and columns that represent a range of political persuasions and topics relevant to the community. That said, this paper must do more to weed out letters that err on the side of subjectivity and hysteria, qualities that must be reduced in this country.

Two recent letters on the immigration crisis highlight our collective lack of objectivity and restraint. In “Obama’s Neglect” (July 23), the author echoes the alarmist claim that the recent influx of Central American children has brought an increase of disease and terrorism to our land. This claim was readily refuted by officials in border towns and has no basis in fact.

In “Will Obama Ever Learn That Charity Begins at Home?” (July 28), another author labels the aforementioned children as invaders and claims that illegal immigrants contribute nothing to our society while reaping the benefits of a welfare state. Little credence can be given to such inflammatory arguments when the authors fail to bring up relevant data or even cite one specific piece of evidence in their rambling tirades.

I call upon the Post-Gazette to only publish letters regarding these kinds of complex issues if they make reference to empirical evidence, public statements or, at the very least, previous publications. I am willing to entertain arguments from any viewpoint as long as they are civil and judicial. Space for public comment is limited and, when the editors print melodramatic arguments that rely on hearsay and/​or anecdotal evidence, they are simply wasting everyone’s time.

Mt. Lebanon

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