The Presbyterian church should stay out of Israeli politics

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In light of the recent decision by the Presbyterian Church to boycott Israeli products because of their perceived mistreatment of its Palestinian citizens, I think it’s time to say mind your own business.

Why not vote on a boycott of Hamas and its continued terrorist kidnapping, murders and attacks on a sovereign nation? Why not boycott Saudi Arabia because of its treatment of women? How about a boycott in Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia? The Presbyterian Church chose the only democracy in the Middle East that has dealt with continued terrorism since 1948 for its boycott?

Hamas has launched more than 800 missiles into Israel. It typically launches from schools and heavily populated areas so retribution will undoubtedly incur civilian casualties.

Hamas’ disregard of its own citizens is shameful enough, as is its motive to keep dragging Israel into unpopular responses. Remember that this started after Hamas kidnapped and murdered three Israeli students in the West Bank simply for being there. 

Hamas is a terrorist organization pretending to be the ongoing victim of a bully nation, using the international media as a mouthpiece to keep its agenda of eradicating Israel in the forefront.

Hamas has not recognized Israel as a nation and has no thought to engage in any diplomatic resolution.

So I recommend to the Presbyterian leaders to handle their own issues and stay out of things they know nothing about.

Mt. Lebanon


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