The Supreme Court sets a dangerous precedent in Hobby Lobby ruling

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The majority of anti-contraception stances are religious based, i.e., “It is against my religion to practice birth control.” In America we supposedly have separation of church and state. And yet the Supreme Court finds in favor of businesses like Hobby Lobby that want to exempt themselves from providing contraceptive services in the insurance plans provided to their employees? How about this? Leave the law alone, provide insurance coverage for your employees and leave it up to each individual to determine their reproductive future and needs (otherwise known as free will).

This Supreme Court decision (“Top Court OKs Contraception Opt-Out Option,” July 1) sets women’s rights back decades, and it opens the door to all manner of other “exceptions.” 

If the owners of Hobby Lobby or any other business don’t wish to practice contraception that is their right and privilege in a free country. But by what stretch of the imagination does it give them the right to dictate the personal health decisions of any other human being? This is playing God and is a dangerous precedent.


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