The Obama-haters just won’t let the president lead

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Much will be heard about the Bowe Bergdahl affair in coming months (or years!), as the Obama-haters do their best to color it to make President Barack Obama look bad, since it appears they are having increasing difficulty trying to pump air into Benghazi. But even if you are not an Obama fan, do you really think he would do such a thing capriciously? Surely there were reasons, and surely it was carefully considered. It could be that it puts us into a better bargaining position when negotiating an end to the war most favorable to the United States.

The Guantanamo prisoners who were exchanged do not fit the definition of “terrorists” (nonstate actors), but are Afghan officials (state actors) who were captured during the war. Check it out. Under the Geneva Conventions they would have been freed anyway at the end of the war. They were not convicted of terrorism, and the “terrorist” moniker is just another way to inflame the conversation to damage Mr. Obama. POW swaps are an established practice the United States has done in all previous wars. Times will be difficult for Mr. Obama as the right-wingers who have nothing else useful to contribute to the well-being of our country continue their relentless quest to see Mr. Obama fail, as indicated by Sen. Mitch McConnell. Tell me again why this Congress is so dysfunctional?

Like it or not, as a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Obama is undeniably a brilliant man who was properly elected to be our leader at a time when we most desperately needed a leader. Let’s let him lead. Why are so many people intent on making his job more difficult than it needs to be? If Mr. Obama fails, our country falls.


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