Malignant pensions

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I’m unsure when my disgust with politicians became permanent. Benghazi, perhaps, where so-called leaders turned their collective backs on Americans trapped in a hornet’s nest. Maybe just watching the accumulated scorn politicians have for our military, topped by the cruelty of supporting “zero ID voting,” while overseas soldiers cross hot coals to have their ballots counted.

Mostly, it was discovering exactly how much public aid (taxpayer funding) flows to a privileged group of nondestitute, lifelong workers in a nation where 49 million citizens go hungry.

Neither political party speaks to this malignant scam that politicians created and profit from. All public “servants,” including the richest, get a magically infinite, public aid pension subsidy when they retire. All working Americans fund the aid, but only the privileged share the pot. The destitute get nothing from a state subsidy that rises to $6.2 billion by 2017 (enough funding for 177,142 new $35,000 teaching jobs).

Pennsylvanians now choose between two cunning men who play dumb on what constitutes public aid in a free society. As governor, either one could start extracting the poison without affecting current public pensioners. Just write an executive order stating that all future collective bargaining on public sector union contracts stops at salaries. In time, pension subsidies become extinct, and America avoids Greece’s fate.

But these men don’t care. Not about us. Not about America. They make empty promises to serve others then take public assistance when they retire, even as hunger persists.

Pick a Tom, any Tom. There’s absolutely no difference.

Penn Township, Westmoreland County

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