Guns will help us defend freedom against tyranny

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As typical with mass murders involving guns, the anti-Second Amendment people creep out of the woodwork.

The article “How the Founders Saw Guns” (May 28 Perspectives) is contradicting at best.

The author notes that “What we know is that the founders were deeply opposed to a standing army, which they viewed as the first step toward tyranny.”

But then he later says, “In time, of course, the militia idea died out, replaced by a professional armed service.” Exactly what the founders feared!

So when tyranny becomes the rule in this country, and the professional army defends it, what recourse do we citizens have with BB guns?

There are militias in this country and their memberships are growing by leaps and bounds. The more the existing government tries to govern away our constitutional rights, the more people are going to respond.

Some call us right-wingers, extremists and domestic terrorists. We are patriots, loyal to the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. Many of us are veterans and offered our lives for this country to protect our freedoms, and we’ll do it again if necessary.

The Second Amendment is to protect us against our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Who do you think the domestic enemy is? The founders meant the government of the United States! Just look at all the liars, the scandals, the frauds. People are tired of voting for the lesser of the two evils.

The founders knew at some point we would have to defend our rights, our liberty and our freedom from a tyrannical government. That’s why “we the people” need our guns — not for mass killing, not for hunting, but for our freedom!


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