Experts fooled, too

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Thomas Wagner’s May 19 letter (“Dems’ Victory”) may have set a new standard for careful, scientific analysis and political insight. Unfortunately, his conclusion that the “Democrats” have “convinced a majority of the country that no matter what happens with the weather — be it hot, cold, calm or storms — from here on out it’s all due to climate change” does not go far enough. The incredible influence of the “Democrats” has even fooled the scientific community.

For example, the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that anthropogenic climate change (the production of greenhouse gases emitted by human activity) is a reality. This panel, consisting of 831 worldwide experts in the fields of meteorology, physics, oceanography, statistics, engineering, ecology, social science and economics has fallen under the insidious sway of the “Democrats.” And that’s not all.

In 2004, Naomi Oreskes, writing in the scientific journal Science, surveyed all peer-reviewed papers on climate change published between 1993 and 2003 in worldwide scientific journals. Her conclusion: 980 supported the idea of human-induced global warming, and none opposed it! In 2010, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences included a study that showed 98 percent of the scientists who actually do research on climate change are in agreement over anthropogenic global warming.

I could cite many more examples of the stretch of the power of the “Democrats” not only to mislead the American people but also to undermine the research of the top scientists in the field, but I’ll defer to Mr. Wagner who has provided us with an invaluable service in unmasking the real villain behind this hoax that is global warming. Kudos. Job well done.


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