GOP lacks ideas

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In response to Ruth Ann Dailey’s allegation that the media’s eyes are shut to Benghazi (“As Benghazi Lies Mount, Media Eyes Shut,” May 5), I think I know why: There are more important issues to address. For instance, have we ever settled that President Barack Obama was born in America or that he’s not secretly a Muslim out to destroy us? Oh, wait, that’s right … since the president was re-elected there was no sense in pushing those bogus scandals anymore. Move now to smear the next Democrat.

Perhaps, Ms. Dailey, that’s why people outside of Fox News don’t care about Benghazi. Instead of focusing on issues that truly affect our lives, GOP House members decided that this is where they should invest their time and our tax dollars. Kind of like when Gov. Tom Corbett and other Republican governors decided that the most important issue after they were elected was establishing voter ID. (Hey, GOP, here’s a thought: Propose ideas that will get us to vote for you and you won’t have to scheme to find ways to keep us from voting for your opponents.)

George W. Bush spent billions of our dollars and started a war to look for weapons of mass destruction that were not there. Gov. Corbett spent $12 million to stop nonexistent voter fraud. Now the GOP House launches another Benghazi investigation. For over a decade, the GOP has shown its governance to consist largely of finding expensive taxpayer solutions to imaginary problems. The Republican Party is the government inefficiency and waste it pretends to condemn.

North Versailles


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