The ballot is the best weapon against oligarchs’ power grabs

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The most important weapon in the arsenal of democracy is the ballot. It can change the direction our country will take in how it addresses the problems of providing health care for all and basic support for the disadvantaged who have lost jobs due to the actions of the 0.1 percent. It can force local, state and national legislators to ensure oligarchs do not end up controlling the agenda.

Like other weapons, it has to have periodic maintenance if it is going to work properly.

Many elected far-right officials want to push through laws that will limit or make it very difficult for those who are poor, old and of color to exercise their constitutional right to vote. This includes things such as requiring difficult-to-find birth certificates.

There are two answers to this outright attempt to grab and hold power. The first is to ensure you and everyone you know has taken the time to obtain a form of identification that will satisfy these unreasonable demands to correct a proven nonexistent problem so you and they can vote.

The second answer is to support candidates who really want to work with others to fix the real problems our country is facing through discussion and compromise. Support not just your own representatives but also others who need help to beat back the fringe candidates who are trying to take over our country. It could be a few dollars, maybe five or 10, or volunteering time.

The time has come to rally the troops and advance to the defense of our democracy using the ballot as the weapon in this defense before all is lost.

Squirrel Hill

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