Corporations and us

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As I read the rant from Steven Crichley (“Our Republic Has Been Destroyed by Corruption,” April 10 letters) I was asking myself exactly where and how is Mr. Crichley being menaced, oppressed and persecuted by corporations? Mr. Crichley never offers an example.

Is he menaced when he enters a well-stocked grocery store with 250,000 items offered? Does he think this abundance of cheap food is there by accident?

What about when he fills his gas tank? Does he have any notion of the heavy lifting and investment that makes that possible? What about the miles of steel pipe sent under the ocean to find oil, bring it to the surface, send it ashore and refine it, or the billion-dollar oil rigs and tankers that are built to accomplish this?

How about when he turns the thermostat up or takes a hot shower (natural gas) or flips a light switch (electricity, coal, nuclear power) or uses air conditioning? Or when he crosses a bridge made of steel? What about the coal dug from the earth and turned into coke and combined with mined iron ore (heavy steel machinery required is manufactured by “corporations”)?

What about when corporate profits fund the pensions of tens of millions of retirees? Or when he makes a phone call over corporate phone lines or a space satellite (cell phones)?

Mr. Crichley chooses to finish his letter with a fantasy about using a guillotine to behead those he alleges are menacing society. And the left claims that the Tea Party/​the right are extremists!

Before anyone votes for a politician who panders to this type of thinking, I suggest you read Mr. Crichley’s letter. If corporations were abolished, I’d bet the first day that was in effect Mr. Crichley would be complaining that he was hungry, cold and had no electricity.


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