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Regarding Charles Krauthammer’s column “Can Putin Be Faulted for Taking Advantage of Obama’s Mistakes?” (March 8): Mr. Krauthammer should crawl back immediately into his Cold War cave. Blaming President Barack Obama for Vladimir Putin’s actions in Crimea is just another right-wing assault on this presidency. Remember, this group met the night of President Obama’s election in 2008 to declare war on his agenda and make him a one-term president.

Was the Russian annex of Hungary in the 1950s the fault of a weak President Dwight Eisenhower? The annex of Czechoslovakia in the ’60s the fault of President Lyndon Johnson? Or how about this one, Mr. Krauthammer: the Putin-led takeover of Georgia on your beloved President George W. Bush’s watch?

It’s easy to lay blame on a president you swore never to support and to claim weakness. After the U.S. incursion into Iraq and Afghanistan, how can we now take the moral high ground in Crimea? The European Union can offer little to no support since most of the natural gas supplying those countries is flowing from Russia.

And he conveniently throws out that President Obama has the audacity to cut a defense budget already almost half of all spending. This is while Congress cuts veterans benefits for war-related injuries. All of these hawks who think nothing of sending troops to every corner of the world to solve problems, then turn their backs on them when they come home should be ashamed.

Fox News analysts like Charles Krauthammer like to shift any problem onto this administration. They even claimed that Mr. Putin was a decisive leader.

Crimea will pose many problems for Russia, further pushing the Western-leaning Ukraine toward democracy. Crimea is dependent on Ukraine for most of its resources.

Putting Mr. Putin on the world stage as a despot and blaming him for this mess is the right thing to do.

Mt. Lebanon

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