Bogus GOP stance

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What if there were a law that said that I could live in my community without paying any taxes or having any obligation to help or support my community in any way, while being entitled to all of the services provided by the community free of charge, and if the community slighted me in any way, there would be a federal agency I could go to that would punish the community and its leaders? I would also have the option of suing them, unless they treated me at least as well as they treat the taxpayers. The only thing I could not do is vote for community leaders. We could call the law Right to Live.

It’s not difficult to understand what this would do to my community. Those honest responsible citizens who made the principled decision to fully participate in the community would be burdened with my share of the community expenses. As more people opted out of their civic responsibilities the ability of the community to provide services, such as police protection, road maintenance, etc., would greatly decline.

This is what Republicans are trying to push when they propose what they falsely call Right to Work. It is designed to do to unions what Right to Live would do to communities — destroy them. Workers’ rights are not protected. It only encourages shortsighted people to allow their only voice at work to wither and die. In the end, no one gains but the rich.


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