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I am confused by what the GOP does and what it says. Republicans say they don’t want to raise any taxes or put any new taxes into effect.

However, in Pennsylvania, we have a Republican governor and a Republican Legislature that just put 9 cents a gallon on gasoline plus raised the turnpike fees. This is to repair our bridges and roads. What happened to the tax of 3.5 cents per gallon that Gov. Tom Ridge put on also for the bridges and roads? Or what about all that other money the state has for roads and bridges?

Then, the state instituted an asset test for the food stamp program and cut aid to the mentally ill. In recent years, mass transit systems have cut services. Of course, we couldn’t put a tax on the casinos or the drillers that take out millions, if not billions, from our natural resources and create questionable health concerns in the process.

The federal government is worse and on a much grander scale. Federal officials cut food stamps, funding for mass transit and the extension of unemployment benefits. It also has cut aid to the mentally ill. Of course, we have to give Congress all their perks (which cost more than their salaries in some cases).

Who are the rich going to tax when the middle class is no more? We buy products of the rich with our meager earnings, although lately the rich have been getting their money direct from the government — in bailouts.

If we really want to cut costs and save money, cut the pay and the perks of the congressmen and their staffs. They aren’t doing anything constructive anyhow. They have become the problem.

Pleasant Hills


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