God’s divine plan

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The Dec. 21 letter from Nash Khatri (“God and Science”) presents a misleading view of the Creator of the finite universe. Because He created time, space and matter, He is outside of time and so is eternal. Secularists like to portray God and people of faith in conflict with science but how can the Creator be in conflict with His creation (including the laws of the universe)?

Why does the entire universe operate according to a specific set of rational laws and rules? The various laws, forces and constants of science, such as the force of gravity, seem to be fine-tuned for the existence of life in this universe, with mankind having a special place. This is called the anthropic principle and this mysterious “just-right” fine-tuning could not have been an accident but seems to be part of a divine plan of an all-knowing being who created humans to glorify Him and have a relationship with Him.

At this Christmas season, we should be thankful that this “one God” gave Himself for a dark and lost world when He gave His only Son, conceived and born of a virgin through the power of the Holy Spirit. The full nature of a “one triune God,” a unified oneness revealed in three persons, may be a mystery but it is not contrary to His character of love and mercy and His message of peace on Earth, good will toward men. The numbers game that secularists try to present is the contradictory view of God.


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