Kathleen Sebelius should be gone as HHS secretary

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The Dec. 13 Perspectives column by Ezra Klein, “Start Firing the People Who Screwed Up Obamacare,” is right on target.

What would happen to your career if you performed like Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius? Let’s say your boss stakes his legacy, and the future of your company, on a pet project. Although his project is approved, half the people in the company hate his idea and hope it fails. He entrusts you to design a sales and customer support program that produces so many happy customers that his critics are silenced.

However, you produce a disaster. Frustrated customers can’t buy your boss’s products. They’re turned off by poorly trained, inarticulate phone reps and a nonfunctional website. His business plan calls for 1.2 million customers. You produce 137,000.

Your failure validates the warnings of the critics. Your boss’s pet project begins to crumble — not because his concept is flawed, but because your performance is so bad that he can’t demonstrate the wisdom of his plan.

What do you think will (and should) happen to you? Do you think the same thing should happen to Ms. Sebelius? If so, please call Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and your representative at 866-220-0044 and ask them to put pressure on this administration to fire Ms. Sebelius. Just say, “Treat Kathleen like you’d treat me.”

In addition, can someone tell Ms. Sebelius that waving her hands with pointless gestures while she talks will not deflect our attention from her incompetence?

Upper St. Clair

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