Limbaugh’s comments about the pope are simply idiotic

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Congratulations to Tony Norman on the column “Pope’s a Lot Wiser Than Rush About Wealth” (Dec. 6). I was surprised how little reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s condemnation of the pope there was in the media. But, as always, Mr. Norman could not let such an idiotic statement by someone with the clout that Mr. Limbaugh has get by.

I cannot believe the arrogance and the gall that Mr. Limbaugh displayed when he said the pope “doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to capitalism and socialism, and so forth.” I am not a Catholic and do not believe in most of their practices; however, one does not need to be religious to admire and respect Pope Francis. In the short time he has been pope he has done more to gain my respect than any other pope or world leader that I know has done.

Refusing the luxurious living quarters of his position for a more humble existence, sneaking out at night to give alms to the poor, firing the cardinal who spent $40 million for new living quarters for himself. Even the trivial decision to wear simple brown shoes rather than the usual red worn by past popes. This man is the real thing.

Rush Limbaugh is not in the same league and does not deserve to have a platform to snarl his hate-filled monologue to an audience (who for reasons I will never understand) listens to him. This is certainly a new low for Mr. Limbaugh. I hope his loyal listeners who are Catholic, and even those who are not, are equally as offended as I am and simply turn him off. His whole being is as far away from “love thy neighbor” as is humanly possible.

Mt. Lebanon

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