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Watching all the memoriams on Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and John F. Kennedy’s assassination, I see a great disconnect between these leaders and what we have today in our administration.

Lincoln wrote his Gettysburg Address for a specific purpose, which was to unite our country around our common interest in self-government, “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The ideals of individualism and self-government went back to the ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, were an integral part of every American’s education and were given voice in our Constitution. Read Garry Wills’ Pulitzer Prize-winning book on the Gettysburg address, “Lincoln at Gettysburg: The Words That Remade America.”

Similarly, Kennedy was a disciple of America’s exceptionalism and advocated for many conservative principles such as tax cuts (“a rising tide lifts all boats”), a strong military, equal opportunity, anti-communism and a strong dollar as opposed to a strong Federal Reserve.

By contrast, today’s educational and media establishments have dumbed down America into believing the collective is more important than the individual and confuse a top-down government bureaucracy, Obamacare, with health care. 

Common Core will reinforce top-down education and programs, teaching theories such as global warming as gospel, and will de-emphasize the classics and our Constitution, which are an inherent part of our country’s greatness.

New Kensington


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