Issue One: Church, state and contraception

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Following our faith

As a cradle Catholic, now almost 70, I love my faith and find it to be one of the most compassionate examples of caring for others.

It is an insult for anyone to imply that because we object to offering contraception as part of a health care plan that we do not care about the employees. Regardless of their faith or lack of same, they work for the Catholic Church and should be bound by her rules. Is this not true of most employers?

Perhaps you would like to see our many charities close because we will not cave to this requirement (“Church and State: The Courts Must Balance Health Care Rights,” Nov. 23 editorial). How many thousands here in Pittsburgh and all across the country would lose the free health services so graciously given?

We have served the needy for so long, and it is a calling we want to continue. Can you please allow us to follow our faith as we must, guaranteeing the continuance of service to those who need it so?


Religious rights

Catholics have just as much right to their religious beliefs as any other group in the United States. If the people who work for Catholic organizations (which are not exempted from the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate) do not share the belief that all life is sacred, perhaps they could get a job working for some organization that shares the same beliefs that they do.

Obamacare is a mess, and I don’t believe it can be fixed.

Should all people have access to health insurance? Of course they should, but taking away one group’s religious freedom is certainly not the answer.


Marxist measures

The issue at hand is not whether the Catholic Church can impose its beliefs on others, but whether the Obama administration can impose its Marxist views on the rest of the United States. We are not a socialist country.

Franklin Park

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