Church of control

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Five hundred years ago, the Catholic Church thought that the Earth was the center of the universe. Giordano Bruno was tortured and burned alive in 1600 for differing with church officials. Up until several hundred years ago, they also tortured and burned alive heretics and possibly over a million women who were claimed to be witches. It took centuries and the advance of civilization and science to have them admit that they were wrong.

Today, the Catholic Church wants to control the reproductive choices of people who work for them even if they are not members of their faith. In another century, the population of the United States may triple from 300 million to a billion and the world population may triple from 7 billion to 21 billion. The United States may no longer be able to feed these masses because the Midwest breadbasket will have become a desert and major coastal cities, where these masses once lived, will be under 20 feet of water. This environmental disaster will be a direct result of overpopulation.

In 2113, the Catholic Church will then look back and may admit that it was wrong a hundred years ago. Officials may say: Maybe we should have done something about the destruction of our planet due to over-population. Maybe we should have admitted that contraception was necessary to save the planet.

Just as their dogma was wrong on major issues in the past, they are wrong today. Science and civilization want to advance humanity forward and not backward to the Middle Ages where the Catholic Church controlled every aspect of people’s lives, not just their reproductive choices. A woman’s reproductive choices are no one else’s business, certainly not religious institutions and politicians.



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