The buck stops there

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It may come as a surprise that the differences between the philosophies of President Harry S. Truman and President Barack Obama boil down to nothing more than the letter T.

Truman proudly displayed his philosophy, "The buck stops here," on his desk.

Truman presided over World War II's closing stages and enactment of the Marshall Plan, the latter putting a halt to unending German militarism. Today, Germany stands as a bulwark of democracy and the strongest member of the European Union.

President Obama's unstated yet unmistakable philosophy is "The buck stops there."

He consistently blames our country's problems on many things including, but not limited to: George W. Bush, lack of stimulus funds, tax breaks for the wealthy, a video that provoked Muslim riots, insufficient spending, the Republican House, the debt ceiling, the Tea Party, underestimation of the economic crisis, taxes being too low, insurance companies, Fox News, anyone fearful that Obamacare would cause us harm.

Silly us.

President Obama presided over the pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq. As a result, the blood and treasure we invested in order to hand Mr. Obama a stable Iraq on the day of his first inauguration is now being overrun by the very forces he said were "on their heels" on the days leading up to his second election.

Silly us.



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