Issue One: The health care law

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It's a big mess

I find it amazing how liberal members of Congress cite voter suppression when it comes to showing an ID to cast a ballot yet are silent when an individual applying to get health coverage on the government website must show proof of who they are by uploading a copy of their driver's license or some other type of identity.

This horrible law was rammed through when most Americans did not want it and now that people are understanding more about the fine details, more and more not only don't want it, they want it repealed.

The president and his complicit media friends talk about "affordable premiums" constantly. That may be true in a few circumstances, but the excessively large deductibles and coinsurance amounts are not only unaffordable for most low-income people but also unaffordable for most Americans. Many doctors will require payments up front if they choose to provide a service and some will simply say they are no longer accepting any new patients.

People will rue the day they clamored for this program. It will destroy one-sixth of our economy and put millions out of work. The law needs to be pitched and have insurance professionals take charge.

Vice President
ARMS Insurance Group Inc.
Bethel Park

It's helping me

In response to the many articles regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare): My COBRA plan, which is very good insurance and has dental, is about $510 per month. It runs out Oct. 31, but then I am eligible for a HIPAA plan, which will be about $1,000 per month without dental or mental health and much higher deductibles/co-pays. For me, the HIPAA plan is the only one available that covers pre-existing conditions

Through Obamacare, I enrolled in both a platinum plan and a separate dental plan. The platinum plan is through Highmark and is called the "Comprehensive Care Blue PPO 500." It is about $410 per month and the dental plan is about $30 per month. For this area, private health insurance plans start at around $100 per month. Private dental plans start at around $12 per month.

Through Obamacare, my insurance will cost nearly 60 percent less than the HIPAA plan and offers much more coverage. Also, Obamacare offered more than 30 health insurance companies/plans to choose from rather than only one under the current system. More than 25 dental insurance companies and plans were available.

Mount Pleasant

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