Brian O'Neill

Brian O'Neill: Confessions of a house tour Tom Sawyer

If it’s widely known that you’re incapable of doing something, good people will come to your aid; just don’t let let pride get in your way.

3 days ago

 A sample of the banners to be hung near the Legacy Square area at PNC Park after the statues were sold.

Brian O'Neill: Statues honoring Negro Leagues gone from PNC Park entrance

Statues of Negro League stars are gone from PNC Park, but the legacy grows.

6 days ago

 Oragene Malay and Johnny Mathis  Circa: 1985.

Brian O'Neill: Mathis fan still in harmony with pop star after 50 years

A Johnny Mathis fan reunites with crooner more than five decades later.

1 week ago

 The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building at 34 Boulevard of the Allies.

Brian O'Neill: It’s clear how he views this new office

New office offers windows into this writer’s soul, or at least a better share of sunlight.

1 week ago

 The Pittsburgh Promise website, recently updated.

Brian O'Neill: Pittsburgh Promise is refiguring how to help

Pittsburgh Promise is missing the support it needs to do all it wants to do.

2 weeks ago

 Pedestrians past the display windows at Macy's along Fifth Ave. Monday morning. The company has announced it will close the the Downtown Pittsburgh store.

Brian O'Neill: The view from a Downtown Macy's worker

Dave Malehorn, 52, stocks the shelves of Macy’s Downtown from 6:30 a.m. until opening. Now he knows what G.O.B. means.

2 weeks ago

 The politics of liquor legislation in Harrisburg can make one head spin.

Brian O'Neill: Liquor legislation’s politics can make your head spin

Theory has it that the Republican-dominated Senate passed a liquor privatization bill because they knew Gov. Tom Wolf would veto it.

3 weeks ago

Brian O'Neill: OK, green light that shared streets idea

The time has come for a free-for-all in shared space at busy Downtown intersection.

3 weeks ago