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Donald Sterling conspiracy theories, Donald Sterling regrets, a good week for Tom Corbett and ...

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Limbaugh’s Sterling theory

Abby Ohlheiser at Atlantic Wire: “In a segment that even Rush Limbaugh admitted would probably get picked up by an army of his critics (hi!), the conservative radio host pretty much ran with a caller’s theory … that Clippers owner Donald Sterling was set up. That theory makes one big assumption: that Magic Johnson, the subject of Sterling’s latest recorded racist rant, orchestrated the whole controversy in order to open up an opportunity to buy the Clippers for a lower price. Sterling was suspended for life from the NBA [Tuesday], and the league will try to force him to sell his team.

“ ‘What if the reason Sterling told [his girlfriend] V Dot that he didn’t want her showing up in pictures with Magic [Johnson],’ Rush wonders in today’s fashionable [Cliven] Bundy style, ‘is that he knew that Magic was gonna make a play for his team?’ That is, what if Sterling was not, as he said on the audio recording, criticizing his girlfriend for “taking pictures with minorities,” but instead was referring to an objection that is completely different from what he said on tape? Makes you think.’ ”

Sterling’s regrets

The Borowitz Report: “After being banned by the NBA Tuesday afternoon, the Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling told reporters that he would miss being around people he hates. ‘Sure, I’m saddened by this,’ Sterling said. ‘Sitting in the stands night after night, a boiling cauldron of hatred bubbling inside me — it doesn’t get better than that. Those were good times. Knowing that I’ll never be able to sit in that arena again and look down on the people I despise — that hurts the most,’ he said.

“[Still,] Sterling said he felt some measure of satisfaction: ‘No one hated more people than I did, and the feeling was mutual.’ ”

Empower responsibility

The Pittsburgh Comet:“ ‘Gentrification’ has been on the agenda in Pittsburgh a lot this year as opposed to last year” — including in the controversy over the August Wilson Center, the Comet notes …

“It is assumed that community empowerment is the best way to ensure that changes bring needed benefit rather than detriment for residents. That absolutely is necessary — but hardly sufficient, because with great empowerment comes great emresponsibilityment.

“Residents have responsibilities to learn as much as they can (which is infinite) about their community’s many challenges and how these subtly interact with one another. Community and political leaders both have responsibilities to make those discussions as broad, deep, constant, constructive, and challenging as possible — and to resist pandering to first impressions, instinctive prejudices, and people’s’ inclinations to tear each other apart.

“Better to be viewed as wise and strategic in hindsight, than popular in the instant wake of a controversy du jour. Let’s make that a motif, Pittsburgh.”

A good week for …

Politics PA gave “up” arrows last week to Gov. Tom Corbett and lieutenant governor candidate state Sen. Mike Stack, D-Philadelphia, meaning they had good weeks on the campaign trail. Gov. Corbett benefited from Democratic gubernatorial candidates beating up frontrunner Tom Wolf and from nailing down $500,000 at a single fundraiser. As for Sen. Stack:

“Not only is Stack running in the Pittsburgh marathon, but he’s doing it to raise money for Planned Parenthood, an interest group that has been important in his work in the state Senate. He also unveiled his media buy … with saturation far more impressive than any other candidate in the field for Lt. Gov. will be able to afford. He’ll also be starting earlier, May 6, giving him a solid two weeks on the air for one of the lowest-profile races in the state.”

More Benghazi blah, blah

Media Matters says Fox News seized on testimony from Ret. Air Force Gen. Robert Lovell “to push the false narrative that President Obama did not do enough to rescue the victims of the Benghazi attack,” but that “Fox’s attack collapsed later in the day” …

“During the question and answer portion of the testimony, Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va., asked Lovell specifically about claims that the military had resources that they did not utilize. Lovell explained that when he said ‘we should have tried,’ he did not mean that the response was insufficient and that it is a ‘fact’ that there was nothing more the military could have done.”

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