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Christie stuck in traffic

Columnist Charles Stiles at on Chris Christie’s Trafficgate: “Gov. Christie often preaches a simple, homespun credo that could have easily been lifted out of an old Frank Capra movie: Tell people the truth, and they’ll stick by you through the missteps and the outbursts. …

“But Christie, who markets himself as an unconventional politician brazenly championing the truth, is reeling in a crisis that threatens to define him as a conventional Jersey politician. The George Washington Bridge furor threatens to rob Christie of his truth-telling franchise, the very quality that distinguished him from every other air-brushed or transparently cautious politician in the country. …

“It’s about the worst-case sce-nario for a future presidential candidate who is already building a network of IOUs as this year’s chairman of the Republican Governors Association.”

Christie still overweight!

From The Borowitz Report: “TRENTON —New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashed out at the media today, saying that it had ‘failed to focus on the single most important issue regarding me, which is my weight. … How much I’ve weighed in the past, how much I weigh now, and how much I’m eating — that’s all you clowns should be writing about,’ he yelled. ‘Anything else is just a distraction’ …

“The governor made only one reference to the notorious bridge-closing scandal, offering this alibi: ‘At the time that decision was made, I was busy shouting at a teacher.’ ”

Cheney drops out

Evan Osnos of The New Yorker: “ ‘Serious health issues have recently arisen in our family, and under the circumstances I have decided to discontinue my campaign.’ With that message, on Monday morning, Liz Cheney ended her short, grueling effort to dislodge Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming and extend her clan’s political fortunes. … Cheney made clear that she was giving up in order to reload, not retreat: ‘As a mother and a patriot, I know that the work of defending freedom and protecting liberty must continue for each generation. …’

“When she bought a house near Jackson Hole in May 2012 — while still holding onto the seven-bedroom home near Washington, D.C., where she’d spent most of her life — she had reason to believe that she would be greeted with sweets and flowers. Wyoming is, after all, the dream palace of the Cheneys, the land where her great-grandparents settled and where she spent summers, holidays and two years as a child. ...

“Wyoming, it turned out, had a different view. Not long after Cheney got into the race, Bruce McCormack of the Cody Enterprise said: ‘I counted on my fingers the other day, and, by the time of the primary election, she will have lived in the state 28 months. She moved to where all the beautiful people go, Jackson Hole, which is like moving to Aspen and wanting to represent Colorado.’ ”

Obamacare gets boring

Via Atlantic Wire: Jonathan Chait at Daily Intelligencer writes about what’s next for Obamacare. The nation’s new health insurance system has been active for some two weeks now, and, according to Mr. Chait, it’s been “boring.” He writes, “It does not look like Stalinist collectivization. There aren’t even any beheadings. It looks like regular medical insurance, except several million more people now have it than before.”

So what will Republicans do now? “The nature of their opposition will … slowly morph. Gleeful predictions of imminent collapse will give way to bitter recriminations at the nefarious tactics used to make the law work. Obamacare will cease to be the something certain to destroy Obama and become something Obama has gotten away with,” Mr. Chait argues. “If and when the law melds into the national fabric, the proximate Republican response will not be to adapt their policy ideas to it, but to denounce it as a kind of stolen law.”

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