John E. Schnatterly Sr.: Red states vs. blue states

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Texas vs. Massachusetts. Heartland vs. Hollywood. America vs. Old Europe. U.S. vs. U.N.

John E. Schnatterly Sr. is a business owner, choir director and political activist living in Bethel Park (schnat@

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Resolute vs. Nuanced. Plain vs. Urbane. Faithful vs. Opportunistic. Condoleezza Rice vs. Whoopi Goldberg.

Pro-military vs. Pro-Peace. Swiftboat Vets vs. Band of Brothers. The Ultimate Sacrifice vs. Peace Protests. Freedom vs. Peace at all Costs.

Religious vs. Secular. Faith- Based Charity vs. Government Hand-outs. Sunday Morning Church vs. Sunday Brunch. Sacrificial Love vs. What's In It For Me.

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice. Care Homes for Pregnant Teens vs. Abortion Clinics. Traditional Marriage vs. Same-Sex marriage. Adam and Eve vs. Adam and Steve.

Constitution vs. a Living Constitution. Rule of Law vs. Whatever-We-Can-Get-Away-With. Second Amendment vs. Gun Bans. Tort Reform vs. Ambulance Chasers.

Homeland Security vs. Multiculturalism. Patriot Act vs. Invasion of Privacy. FBI vs. Civil Liberties. John Ashcroft vs. Howard Stern.

Home school vs. Public Education. School choice vs. the Teachers Union. No Child Left Behind vs. Funding Cuts. Intelligent Design vs. Evolution.

Medical Savings Accounts vs. Universal Health Care. Patient Choice vs. Choice of Government Plan. Prescription Drugs vs. Free Prescription Drugs. Catastrophic Insurance vs. Government Safety Net.

Self-Reliance vs. Government Dependence. Entrepreneurship vs. Job Fairs. Personal Savings Accounts for Social Security vs. Raiding Social Security. Tax Cuts for Taxpayers vs. Tax Cuts for the Rich.

One Nation Under God vs. Diversity.


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