Police violence against black citizens must stop

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When I read your editorial about the Jordan Miles case (“Time to Heal,” April 2), the only thought that came to mind is that this is the epitome of journalistic ignorance. What you failed to address is the fact that if the police did not routinely beat and harass black citizens this trial never would have happened.

On April 1 in your coverage of the verdict you quoted one of the defense attorneys as wondering what kind of message the verdict sent. Because this barrister obviously was not on his intellectual “A” game, I’ll answer the question for him. The message sent by this verdict is that rogue police officers are free to continue to abuse the black citizenry of Pittsburgh without fear of retribution. This is so sad because the rogues on the police force complicate the jobs of those officers who choose to carry out their duties in a professional matter.

To the all-white jury who arrived at this verdict, I say shame on you. If you ruled in favor of Mr. Miles’ medical reimbursements and against excessive force by the police officers, then please explain to us how Mr. Miles received these horrendous injuries. I suspect that, unlike the black community, the members of this all-white jury have never sat up at night hoping that when their sons or daughters were out that they would not be accosted by thug police officers or receive a beating and wind up in the hospital.

So you at the Post-Gazette say this is a time for healing. Then understand this: As long as the police continue to brutalize black citizens, there will always be a problem. If you are serious about this being a time to heal, then why not use your powerful journalistic voice to consistently and vibrantly help the black citizens of Pittsburgh put an end to this terrible problem?

South Hills Baptist Church


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