Are any vital U.S. interests at stake in Crimea?

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Can somebody tell me why the United States should be anything more than a quasi-interested bystander in the Russia/​Crimea situation? Perma-hawks need not respond — I recognize that you firmly believe every unpleasant geopolitical event is a step on a slippery slope toward a global conflagration of apocalyptic proportions.

Exactly which of our vital interests are being threatened? Someone? Anyone? No, I haven’t become an appeaser. I do think what happens in places like Iran, and Syria to some extent, have implications that are potentially quite catastrophic and difficult to mitigate if allowed to proceed unchecked.

It appears the president is having a hard time answering the question himself. If vital interests are truly at stake, I hope he’d be able to come up with sanctions a bit more stinging than ostensibly telling seven Russian bureaucrats they can’t go to Disney World.

Dean Wormer came down harder on Delta House in the movie “Animal House.” Barry’s leading the marching band into an alley with no exit while Vladimir Putin is driving his float through Red Square.

Go big or just stay home. Please. Weak, ill-prepared and vapid is no way to go through life … or conduct foreign policy.

Mr. Obama, your grade is in: 0.0.

Five years of the presidency down the drain.

Mount Washington

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