The blind eye

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Ambassador Dan Simpson’s strange March 12 column (“Stay Out of Ukraine: It’s a Family Affair Between the Russians and Ukrainians”) warned of the demonization of Vladimir Putin. Apparently, the Russian leader’s incursion into Georgia and Ukraine, his support and diplomatic salvation of the murderous Assad regime and his oligarchic rule of the Soviet Union where political opponents and business leaders who don’t play along are jailed, occasionally killed and looted, is not the problem — it is American gas producers who are willing to support war to open the Ukranian market!

I gave up trying to make sense of the ambassador’s bloviations long ago, but his descent into paranoia is worth noting. As John Birchers once found a communist under every bed, so the ambassador and his kind find a defense contractor behind every foreign crisis.

Mr. Simpson recommends that we leave the Russians and Ukraine to work this out as a family matter, apparently not noticing that Russia has already “worked it out” for both parties. This kind of blind eye to Russia’s aggression is as bad as the imaginary war-mongers that the ambassador and his brave allies face.

I will bet the ambassador a good dinner that he cannot name one U.S. senator or congressman (or defense contractor or gas company executive) who has called for war over Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. And regarding his charge that America’s departure from Afghanistan is being held up to accommodate government contractors — if he has proof of that, he ought to bring it to the public’s attention. Otherwise, he ought to be ashamed. But having followed his bombinations for some years, I’ve concluded that shame about anything other than America and American business and the military is not in his moral range.

Fox Chapel

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