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In response to the March 2 Forum article “Repairing the Breach: Zionism Is Not the Problem, Despite What a Presbyterian Study Guide Says”: If you study the history of the church you will understand the conflict between Zionism and Reformed theology. All of the Reformers were anti-Semitic. From Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. The general thought in their time was anti-Semitic.

Their theology dictated their position along with the Catholic and Episcopal churches. Their theological and doctrinal beliefs in eschatology and ecclesiology will not allow them to accept Zionism because they believe the “church” has replaced Israel and thus the Abrahamic promise of real estate (land) has been forfeited. This is called “Replacement Theology.”

Think about it: Why do they “baptize” babies? Instead of circumcision, they baptize babies to bring them into the covenant promises. This practice exists without any real biblical evidence. Zionism will not find a loyal friend in Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal or Catholic churches, not because they are anti-Semitic but because their theology will not allow them. Their “point of reference” will not allow them. In order for that to change, you would need to change centuries of theological belief, and I doubt that will only change when the Yeshua enters the east gate of Jerusalem.

My recommendation to the Zionist is to look for support in churches and organizations that still believe that the Jew is God’s chosen people and the Abrahamic promise will still be fulfilled!

Grove City

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