Inequality myth

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Bill Walter’s Feb. 14 letter “The Chasm Between CEO and Worker Pay Hurts Society” about income inequality is grossly misleading.

He points out that worker productivity has increased 80 percent since 1980, implying that today’s workers are now moving at warp-speed compared to their counterparts 30 years ago. In reality, increased worker productivity has more to do with modern tools such as computers, robotics and mobile devices usually provided by employers. For example, a man with a bulldozer can move more dirt than 10 men with shovels, and with modern robotics one auto worker can do more work than several auto workers without robots. Is the bulldozer operator working any harder than a man with a shovel? Certainly not.

Raising taxes on the rich will not create more wealth for the rest of us — in fact it will accomplish just the opposite. When wealthy people are allowed to keep more of their own money, they will invest that money in enterprises that generate more jobs.

The negative attitude of the Obama administration to free markets — with its apparent need to increase taxes, regulations and government intrusion — produces uncertainty and stifles job creation.

Higher payroll taxes for unemployment compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare and an assortment of other government programs are the culprits causing the average worker’s salary to shrink.

Focusing on how much money other people have will not help the poor and middle class get ahead. It appears that liberals are willing to kill the free-market goose that lays the golden eggs of prosperity just to win the next election, and the future be damned.

Upper St. Clair

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