Inequality gimmick

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come inequality is the latest left-wing gimmick to distract voters and win elections.

Those who complain about income equality want us to believe that because some people make lots more money than others that the high-income people cheated others to acquire it and therefore government must do something to get that money back to its rightful owners. But they never provide any proof of how high-income earners “cheated.”

Does Sidney Crosby cheat because he scores more goals than any other hockey player? Should we assume Mr. Crosby is a cheater and redistribute some of his salary to the other players who score fewer goals to make things fair? Of course not because then no one would want to make the sacrifices necessary to excel in sports if they were not respected and highly compensated for their excellence.

The same is true in the working world. People are paid money for their skills, ideas, leadership and sacrifices. The more effectively an individual serves others by providing products and services that others want, the more that person is compensated for the value to fellow humans.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs became multi-billionaires because they invented products that improved the lives of millions of people. If we punish and ridicule those innovators who enrich the lives of everyone, we will undoubtedly get less innovation.

It is despicable that demagogues on the political left would want to lead our society to certain suicide in the not-to-distant future to win an election today.


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