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Albert Bianchini’s Jan. 15 letter (“Crucifying Christie”) attacks media coverage of (and prematurely exonerates) Gov. Chris Christie’s possible involvement in the “Bridgegate” scandal. He contrasts this with the supposed failure of the media properly to cover the standard right-wing litany of Obama scandals.

Here is my brief riposte:

Fast and Furious: The Bush administration initiated the ill-conceived program under which the government funneled weapons to drug cartels in a failed “sting” operation.

Benghazi: Recent disclosures confirm this involved a mixed bag of al-Qaida sympathizers and others angered by the notorious anti-Muhammad video which gave rise to mostly nonviolent protests elsewhere. Additionally, Congress failed to fully fund the State Department’s line-item budget request for security.

Internal Revenue Service: The IRS was performing its legitimate function of determining requested tax-exempt status for 2012 election-cycle advocacy groups, Tea Party-style and “progressive” (i.e., liberal) alike.

The National Security Agency, economy and 47 million on food stamps: The NSA’s powers were increased substantially after 9/​11 by the Bush administration, from which President Barack Obama also inherited both a doubled national debt and an economy in freefall, resulting in increased reliance on social welfare programs. Mr. Bianchini may see some benefit in poor children going to school hungry; I do not.

Obamacare and its website: Mr. Obama was elected on the promise of national health care, and he was re-elected after its enactment. Period! I do agree that the development of the website was botched.

Mr. Bianchini is correct on one out of nine points. A .111 batting average doesn’t get you to the major leagues.


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