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Obama vs. liberalism

Via AtlanticWire … Franklin Foer at The New Republic on Obamacare’s threat to liberalism: “Liberalism has spent the better part of the past century attempting to prove that it could competently and responsibly extend the state into new reaches of American life. With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the administration has badly injured that cause, confirming the worst slurs against the federal government,” Mr. Foer writes.

“The earliest days of a policy’s existence have acquired even greater significance. Fortunately for the New Deal, Twitter didn’t broadcast every farmer’s sad encounter with the Agriculture Adjustment Act. But the culture of modern Washington, with its hyperventilating media and legislative saboteurs, takes pornographic pleasure in magnifying failures — which in turn erodes the public’s willingness to give liberalism another shot.”

The Obama administration, Mr. Foer says, has “failed to grasp” this.

Committed to Obamacare

Noam Levey reports in the Los Angeles Times that health insurance companies, doctor groups and hospitals are committed to the success of Obamacare. “Many health care industry leaders are increasingly frustrated with the Obama administration’s clumsy implementation of the Affordable Care Act,” he writes, and “nearly all harbor reservations about parts of the sweeping law …but since 2010, they have invested billions of dollars to overhaul their businesses, design new insurance plans and physician practices and develop better ways to monitor quality and control costs. Few industry leaders want to go back to a system that most had concluded was failing, as costs skyrocketed and the ranks of the uninsured swelled.

“Nor do they see much that is promising from the law’s Republican critics. The GOP has focused on repealing Obamacare, but has devoted less energy to developing a replacement. Health care industry officials generally view several GOP proposals, such as limiting coverage for the poor and scuttling new insurance marketplaces created by the law, as more damaging than helpful to the nation’s health care system.”

Iran lends a hand

From satirist Andy Borowitz: “TEHRAN — The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told reporters today his nation agreed to a deal on its nuclear program in the hopes that it would distract attention from the trouble-plagued rollout of Obamacare. ‘It’s true, we’ve resisted any deal on nukes for over three decades,’ the ayatollah said. ‘But when we saw how much trouble Obama was having with his website, we realized it would be uncaring of us not to try to help him out.’

“The ayatollah said he was not ‘overly optimistic’ that signing a nuclear treaty with the West would be sufficient to distract attention from the president’s Obamacare woes, but, he added, ‘You never know. Every little bit helps. … One idea we’re tossing around is to get the Iranian people to stop chanting, “Death to America,” the way they have for the past 34 years,’ he said. ‘At the very least, maybe dial it back until he gets that Web site straightened out.’ ”

The violence continues

Emily Zak at Ms.Blog: “I think it’s better to be a man because a woman always hears inappropriate comments from men. It happened to me at school. Teachers won’t give out your grades if you don’t sleep with them. When my friends apply for a job, if the employers are men, when they don’t give in to their advances they’re not hired.”

She continues: “A young woman from Ethiopia is speaking in a video commemorating the 14th annual U.N.’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Another woman in the video, slightly older and from Lebanon, tells about her husband ignoring her completely. A third, from Bangladesh, explains how her husband plans to leave her on the streets if their next child is a daughter. ...

“Nov. 25 was chosen for this day of remembrance because it marks the date in 1960 when three activist sisters in the Dominican Republic were assassinated under orders from the country’s dictator. Sadly, how little times have changed. Last week in Ethiopia, soldiers gang-raped three girls, nearly killing them, and this weekend in the U.S., a Nebraska husband stabbed his spouse repeatedly a month after she filed a protection order.”

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