Sen. Pat Toomey, mission is to persuade his colleagues to include a measure to require more extensive background checks for teachers and to penalize administrators who knowingly recommend suspected child predators to other districts.

Toomey pushes his amendment to education bill

Senator seeking to include a measure to require more extensive background checks for teachers.

about 2 hours ago

 Senate bill 411, is sponsored by state Sen. Dominic Pileggi, R-Delaware, who authored the current 2009 Right-to-Know Law. The Pileggi bill has now emerged from the committee.

Bill drops disclosure loophole for state-related universities

Right-to-Know legislation’s aim was to give the public more insight into workings at state universities.

about 2 hours ago

 30 goats are released on a hillside in Polish Hill to eat brush and vines not easily cut back by other means.

New Pittsburgh ordinance simplifies urban farming

The bill approved by Pittsburgh City Council makes it easier to get own limited amounts of chickens, goats, bees and other animals.

about 2 hours ago

 Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf speaks during a news conference at the state Capitol, Tuesday, June 30, 2015, in Harrisburg, Pa.

Negotiations over Pennsylvania taxes, budget remain deadlocked

Without a budget, operations will continue at state facilities, such as state parks and PennDOT offices, but many payments will be delayed.

about 2 hours ago

Europe to Greece: Give us a plan or face bankruptcy

Europe’s leaders gave Greece an ultimatum Tuesday to provide a detailed proposal to avoid bankruptcy by Thursday.

about 2 hours ago

Army bases brace for troop, civilian cuts

Army to announce 40,000 in troop cuts, and military communities across the nation are bracing for the blow or preparing to fight it.

about 2 hours ago

Afghan delegation to meet Taliban as twin attacks hit Kabul

Afghanistan has sent a delegation to hold talks with Taliban leaders in Pakistan to discuss a process for full peace negotiations.

about 2 hours ago

 Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Allentown mayor stops campaign for U.S. Senate

With Ed Pawlowski's departure from the contest, retired Adm. Joe Sestak is the only Democrat challenger to incumbent Pat Toomey.

about 2 hours ago

Two die as F-16, private plane collide over South Carolina

An Air Force F-16 fighter jet on Tuesday collided in mid-air near Charleton, S.C., with a Cessna C150.

about 2 hours ago

Iran nuclear negotiations extended until Friday

Iran nuclear negotiations with the six powers have been extended yet again, to Friday.

about 2 hours ago

Obama administration outlines plans to enable more Americans to have access to solar energy

The Obama administration is boosting solar projects to make them available to low- and middle-income Americans.

about 2 hours ago

Obama hosts Vietnam Communist Party chief at White House

President Barack Obama on Tuesday held an unprecedented White House meeting with Nguyen Phu Trong, head of Vietnam’s Communist Party.

about 2 hours ago

Nation briefs: Court upholds Chesapeake clean-up plan

Plus: Heroin users; birth control costs; new Facebook data center; National Academy of Sciences; Dixie flag; Charleston suspect

about 2 hours ago

World briefs: Pope rallies faithful in Ecuador

Plus: War-torn Yemen; U.K. marks grim anniversary; Kurds oust IS forces; tobacco taxes; suicide bombings in Nigeria; Bull running

about 2 hours ago

 Howard “H.B.” Bennett

Obituary: Howard ‘H.B.’ Bennett / Drummer, founder of Balcony Big Band

His sister Wendy Bennett of Squirrel Hill noted that her brother’s musical career “got started when he emerged from the womb …”

about 2 hours ago

Obituary: Diana Douglas / Actress, mother of Michael Douglas

Her six-decade-long stage, TV and film career included roles opposite her first husband, Kirk Douglas, and their son, Michael.

about 2 hours ago

Baseball Lore: This boy played the autograph game like a true pro

Boy took his quest for baseball autographs to a high level.

about 2 hours ago

 Uber and its rival ride-share company Lyft have been in Pittsburgh since February 2014.

Uber reducing fares in Pittsburgh by 15 percent

Other cities along the East Coast experienced price cuts in the spring, a company spokesman said.

about 11 hours ago

 John Meeker, 51, of Nottingham, has his knee worked on by physical therapist Mike Degregorio at Allegheny Health Network Outpatient Care Center in McMurray. Mr. Meeker had a total knee replacement and was discharged the same day as his surgery.

Some hip, knee replacement patients heading home within hours of surgery

Allegheny Health Network patients having hip and knee replacements can now be discharged on the same day as their operation.

1 day ago

 The study, including researchers and data from the Netherlands, found that a person’s perception alone that he or she lives in a bad neighborhood is associated with shorter telomeres — the protective caps on chromosomes that diminish with age and more aggressively so from stress.

Stress in neighborhood may be linked to faster aging

A Pitt-Netherlands study finds that telomeres, the end caps of chromosomes, shrink due to the stress of life in a bad neighborhood.

1 day ago

Saxonburg Boulevard restrictions begin today in O'Hara

Work will occur between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. weekdays.

about 19 hours ago

 With the increase, the toll for traveling the entire mainline turnpike going west will rise from the current $39.90 for cash payers to $42.30.

Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls to go up again

The turnpike forecasts that annual increases of 3 to 6 percent will be needed until 2044.

about 11 hours ago

 The bill would retain the examinations but allow states to decide how much weight to give them when evaluating schools.

Senate to begin overhaul of No Child Left Behind Act

A proposed bill would prohibit the federal government from mandating controversial national education standards.

1 day ago

 Barbara Daly Danko

Democratic candidates for Danko county council seat to appear Wednesday

Four Democrats want the nomination for Allegheny County Council to replace Barbara Daly Danko, who died before the primary but won anyway.

1 day ago

 Larry Schweiger

PennFuture picks Pittsburgh native as CEO

Larry Schweiger replaces former president and CEO Cindy Dunn, who now heads the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

1 day ago

Journal has package on breast cancer

JAMA medical journal articles continue discussion of issues involved with breast cancer screening, including overdiagnosis and cancer risk.

1 day ago

Investigation finds few faults with Pittsburgh VA’s Legionnaires’ tests

The Pittsburgh VA had a Legionnaires' outbreak in 2011 and 2012 that sickened at least 22 vets and led to the deaths of six of them.

about 3 hours ago

 City Controller Michael Lamb, shown here at his campaign headquarters in April, had some harsh words for Mayor Bill Peduto's administration today.

Pittsburgh-Allegheny County payroll system to be ready by end of the year

The controller had harsh words for the Peduto administration for filing a lawsuit against the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority.

about 3 hours ago

Pittsburgh man indicted on federal sex trafficking charges arrested in Mississippi

Mario "Digga" Grisom was indicted earlier this month by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh.

about 8 hours ago

Merkel warns Greece time running out to save place in euro

A key emergency meeting of European finance ministers is to be followed today by a summit of the continent’s leaders.

1 day ago

 By adopting the various measures, Pennsylvania will become eligible for funding under the Debbie Smith Act, which provides money to state and local authorities to help eliminate DNA evidence backlogs.

Bill aims to speed up sexual assault investigations in Pennsylvania

The Neuman Bill will establish timelines for the testing of sexual assault evidence kits and use the data to convict repeat offenders.

1 day ago

Pennsylvania court rules police videos can be public records

A Commonwealth Court panel eyed “the core” of the Right-to-Know Law’s goal of helping people hold public officials accountable.

about 3 hours ago

In Syria, the weaknesses of Islamic State and U.S. strategy on display

President Obama met with military leaders at the Pentagon and cited recent gains in Syria as progress in the fight against Islamic State.

1 day ago

In Ecuador, Pope Francis appeals for more inclusive Church

Pope Francis at first Mass of his South American tour seeks support for family themes that are the focus of an October synod of bishops.

1 day ago

South Carolina Senate casts first vote to remove Confederate flag

A final vote is pending and the outcome for the measure in the state House is uncertain.

1 day ago

 Dylann Roof appears via video before a judge in Charleston, S.C., on June 19.

Suspect in Charleston church shooting indicted on nine murder counts

Three additional attempted murder charges related to people who survived the shooting were presented to the grand jury, the prosecutor said.

about 12 hours ago

Iran talks hit potential snag over arms embargo

The negotiations with Tehran over its nuclear intentions snagged Monday over the lifting of sanctions and may stretch past today’s deadline.

1 day ago

Simple bill to help vets shows things in Congress aren’t so simple

The U.S. House is amid work on a bill to create a uniform I.D. card for military veterans.

1 day ago

Health happenings: July 7, 2015

Health- and fitness-related events for the week following Tuesday, July 7, 2015.

1 day ago

San Francisco shooting death inflames debate over illegal immigration

The Obama administration accused local officials of releasing the suspected shooter in defiance of efforts to deport him.

1 day ago

10 killed, 55 wounded in Fourth of July gun violence in Chicago

The toll was lower than last year but was marked by an intense stretch of gun violence over eight hours on one of the nights this weekend.

1 day ago

World briefs: Mexico troopskill 6 near U.S. border

Plus: Nearly 100 killed in airstrikes across Yemen; extremist violence in Nigeria kills more than 60; and more news from around the world.

1 day ago

Hearing set in newest Sandusky sex assault case

The latest accuser came forward in early June and alleged that Sandusky sexually assaulted him at a football camp in 1988, when he was 16.

about 18 hours ago

 GTECH staffers Gavin White, left, and Lydia Kramer clear weeds in new Propel Northside charter school lot.

Diana Nelson Jones' Walkabout: Grant program helps give vacant lots a future use

A weedy lot near the Propel Northside charter school will become a classroom when students return.

1 day ago

Obituary: Jim Schafer / Loved to capture nature with his camera

Jim Schafer, an architectural and nature photographer, died of a heart attack. He was 64.

1 day ago

 “It’s a good move to make,” U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy said.

Pennsylvania expands education benefits for veterans

Eligible veterans will pay in-state tuition at public colleges and universities under a state law no matter how recently they moved here.

2 days ago

 Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed Republican-backed budget legislation last week.

GOP criticizes budget veto in letter to Wolf

Republican legislative leaders claimed the Democratic governor's rejection of the full budget bill "puts politics above governing."

1 day ago

Gas prices fall nearly 2 cents per gallon in Pittsburgh region

Prices at the pump, however, both nationally and in Pittsburgh are slightly above where they were a month ago.

1 day ago

 Allegheny County had an average of about 107 asbestos-related deaths a year for the 15 years studied, the highest of any county in the state.

Study: Asbestos deaths in Allegheny County, Pa. much higher than national average

Asbestos, called the “hidden killer” because illnesses take decades to develop, still causes diseases despite not being made in the U.S.

2 days ago

 Veteran Tim Hornik, 35, undergoes guide dog training in Queens on Wednesday. Mr. Hornik and his guide dog, Black Jack, have been working together for nearly two weeks. Mr. Hornik's vision was damaged after he was shot in the face by a sniper in Iraq in 2004.

UPMC exploring future of eye transplants

Acknowledging the years of work still to come, a University of Pittsburgh researcher forges ahead on an experimental eye transplant program.

2 days ago