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The Post-Gazette's comprehensive listings of recent deaths include two types of obituaries. News obituaries, prepared by our staff, are published at the discretion of our editors. Links to staff-written obituaries contain the individual's name. To suggest a news obituary, call 412-263-1601. The "Latest Deaths" report below is provided as a public service. We accept information for this list only from funeral directors and representatives of crematoriums and memorial societies, who may call 412-263-1601 from 9 8:30 p.m.

Some names in the list of latest deaths are followed by a "CO", which indicates that a Classified Obituary has been published for this individual. Funeral directors may place classified obituaries by calling 412-263-1371. To go to our list of classified obituaries, click here. Those wishing to express condolences or share memories can sign a guest book or post photos of the deceased at that section of the Web site.


ALLEN, Elma B., 89, of East Liberty, Dec. 23. Coston, Larimer.

AMBROSE, Margaret Kerr, 93, of Crafton Heights, Dec. 27. Schepner-McDermott, Crafton.

BAJOREA, Matthew J., 84, of Plum, Dec. 26. Soxman, Penn Hills.

BRISTOW, Marian Parry, of Shadyside, Dec. 27. McCabe, Shadyside. (CO)

CAMPBELL, Edward, 78, of Munhall, Dec. 25. Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn, Munhall. (CO)

CARDAMONE, Mary C., 89, formerly of Penn Hills, Dec. 26. Trenz, Penn Hills. (CO)

DAILY, John W., of McCandless, Dec. 27. Devlin, Ross. (CO)

DOVERSPIKE, William R. Sr., of Ross, Dec. 26. Devlin, Ross. (CO)

ELTER, Raymond N., 69, of Ingram, Dec. 28. Schepner-McDermott, Crafton.

FEDERLEIN, Louise Kampmeyer, 97, formerly of Brentwood, Dec. 26. Slater, Brentwood. (CO)

FELTON, James B. "Bud," 71, of Pitcairn, Dec. 27. Pearce, Pitcairn. (CO)

FINK, Fred W. Jr., 66, of Carrick, Dec. 26. Readshaw, Carrick. (CO)

FISHER, Elizabeth A., 94, of Wilkins, Dec. 27. Corl, Monroeville. (CO)

FLOSS, Margaret Ballo, 86, of South Fayette, Dec. 27. Thomas-Little, Oakdale. (CO)

FRICKE, Elizabeth A. Milton "Beth," 61, of Whitehall, Dec. 27. Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn, Munhall. (CO)

GAAL, Helen Marcella Ushie Weiss, 81, of McKeesport, Dec. 27. Hunter, McKeesport. (CO)

GALLENZ, William E., 72, of Indiana Township, Dec. 25. Worrell, Sharpsburg. (CO)

GARGANI, Rene Theresa, 36, of Scott, Dec. 27. Slater, Scott. (CO)

GIOVANNELLI, Lena Chiavacci, 94, of Bridgeville, Dec. 27. Beinhauer-Fryer, Bridgeville. (CO)

GOLPHIN-FALLS, Donye Tyre, Dec. 24. White, Point Breeze. (CO)

KING, William M., 88, of Overbrook, Dec. 26. Slater, Brentwood. (CO)

LORINCY, Louis W., 91, of Bethel Park, Dec. 27. Henney, South Park. (CO)

MALSCH, Terrence S. Sr., 56, of Bellevue, Dec. 22. (CO)

McDERMOTT, John B., 91, of Bethel Park, Dec. 27. Henney, South Park.

MILLER, Dorothy M., 76, of South Versailles, Dec. 27. Shirley, North Huntingdon.

PEPPLER, William G., 88, of Ross, Dec. 25. Brandt, Ross. (CO)

PETERMAN, Jack W., 78, of Jefferson Hills, Dec. 27. Anderson, Homestead. (CO)

PROPST, Mary L. Prysock, 73, of North Braddock, Dec. 24. Watts, Braddock. (CO)

RICE, Katherine A. Koch, 98, Dec. 26. Schellhaas, West View. (CO)

ROBERTS, Barbara, of Swissvale, Dec. 27. Nied, Swissvale. (CO)

ROEHLICH, Ferdinand Jr. "Fred," 75, of McCandless, Dec. 24. Simons, Ross. (CO)

ROTHARMEL, James, 80, of McKeesport, Dec. 25. Willig, McKeesport. (CO)

SABARM, William, 76, Dec. 24. Kunsak, Brighton Heights. (CO)

SALOMON, Lore Lewkowitz, 99, of Squirrel Hill, Dec. 25. Hirsch, Squirrel Hill. (CO)

SCHADE, Jean E. Calmus Norris, 82, of Bridgeville, Dec. 26. Henney, Bethel Park.

SEDAR, George A., of McCandless, Dec. 27. Sperling, McCandless. (CO)

SLATER, William F. "Bill," 83, of Shaler, Dec. 23. Bock, Shaler. (CO)

SLUSSER, Harris W., of Richland, formerly of North Side, Dec. 26. Simons, Ross. (CO)

SMITH, Thomas E., 69, of Monroeville, Dec. 27. Law, Penn Hills.

STEVENS, Dolores H., 77, Dec. 27. Jefferson, Pleasant Hills. (CO)

STULTZ, Margaret Vlay, 85, of Ross, Dec. 27. Brandt, Ross. (CO)

THORPE, Gaylon A., 75, of West Mifflin, Dec. 19. Striffler's, Dravosburg. (CO)

USNICK, Antoinette Bamonte "Toni," 82, of South Fayette Dec. 26. Beinhauer-Fryer, Bridgeville. (CO)

WALKER, Herbert David, Dec. 27. Simons, Ross. (CO)

WOODHALL, John A., 58, of North Versailles, Dec. 23. Forgie-Snyder, East Mckeesport. (CO)

YANDELL, Ambrose, of Hazelwood, Dec. 27. Spriggs and Watson, Homewood.

ZORN, Gertrude M. Kengerski, 86, of Monroeville, Dec. 27. Jobe, Monroeville. (CO)


BAU, Ann, 67, of Center, Dec. 24. Tatalovich, Aliquippa.

GAUSE, Peter Jr., 80, of Ambridge, Dec. 27. Syka, Ambridge.

PARKS, Shirley F., 75, of Aliquippa, Dec. 24. Tatalovich, Aliquippa.

RUCH, Marjorie L., 82, of Chippewa, Dec. 26. Hill & Kunselman, Beaver Falls.

RUSSELL, Eleanor, 86, of Economy, Dec. 26. Syka, Ambridge.

SANTEE, Elizabeth, 88, of Harmony, Dec. 26. Matter-Tatalovich, Ambridge. (CO)


McCAFFREY, Patricia F., 71, of Midway, Dec. 25. Nation, McDonald. (CO)


BAUER, Violet L. "Vi," 65, of Scottdale, Dec. 26. Ferguson, Scottdale.

FRYE, Elizabeth A., 81, of Ligonier Township, Dec. 25. Marra, Monongahela.

MARSICO, Anthony F., 79, of New Kensington, Dec. 26. Guinta-Bertucci, Arnold.


ANDREW, William C., of Lincoln, Del., formerly of Bethel Park, Dec. 26. Berry-Short, Milford, Del. (CO)

EWELL, Lucille Green, 78, of Macon, N.C., formerly of Pittsburgh, Dec. 25. Greene, Warrenton, N.C.

McGEE, Marjorie, 87, of Mahaffey, Clearfield County, Dec. 26. (CO)

OSTENDORF, Lyndene, of Ashburn, Va., Dec. 22. Pinkerton, Avalon. (CO)

SUBA, William R., 77, of Lewistown, Mifflin County, Dec. 26. Barr, Lewistown. (CO)

WILSON, Freeman Jr., 66, of Philadelphia, formerly of South Park, Dec. 16. Law, Penn Hills. (CO)


ATTENBERGER, Alice E., 92, of Mount Oliver, Dec. 26. Farnsworth, Mount Oliver. (CO)

AUGENSTEIN, David H., 89, of Jefferson Hills, Dec. 24. Griffith, South Park. (CO)

BAEHR, Louis A. "Yogi," 79, Dec. 26. Readshaw, Carrick. (CO)

BOMBARA, Felix J., 82, of Bethel Park, Dec. 24. Henney, Bethel Park. (CO)

BRADLEY, Betty H., Dec. 23. Stover, McKees Rocks. (CO)

CHERRY, Clarence C., 94, of Irwin, Dec. 26. Snyder, Irwin. (CO)

COLONNA, Anna Zottola "Nina," 87, of Brookline, Dec. 24. Ball, Brookline. (CO)

DE JULIO, Adam M., 89, of Coraopolis, Dec. 24. Copeland, Moon. (CO)

DRAKE, Roger A., 75, of Scott, Dec. 25. Slater, Scott. (CO)

ENGELMORE, Margaret D., 59, of Ben Avon, Dec. 26. McDonald-Linn, Avalon. (CO)

GRUDEN, Elizabeth F. "Liz," of Springdale Borough, Dec. 26. Burket-Truby, Oakmont. (CO)

HAYS, Kimberly, 43, Dec. 21. Sauvageot, Hazelwood. (CO)

JORDAN, Frederick R. "Bob," 71, of Munhall, formerly of Duquesne, Dec. 26. Maloy-Schleifer, Duquesne. (CO)

LACZKO, Paul A., 83, of Baldwin Borough, Dec. 26. Slater, Brentwood. (CO)

LUTZ, L. John, 91, of Munhall, Dec. 21. Green, Munhall. (CO)

McCARTHY, Virginia S., Dec. 25. Neely, Shaler. (CO)

MODZELEWSKI, John A. "Johnny Moe," 87, formerly of Troy Hill, Dec. 24. Brandt, Ross. (CO)

MORECE, Richard H., 64, of Penn Hills, Dec. 25. Smith, Blawnox. (CO)

MOSESSO, Amelia "Millie," 89, Dec. 26. Slater, Brentwood. (CO)

OBIDZINSKI, Rose M. Capanzzi, 78, of Henderson, Nev., Dec. 22. Desert, Las Vegas, Nev. (CO)

PULAKOWSKI, Irene A. Krempasky, 87, of the South Side, Dec. 25. Olechowicz, South Side. (CO)

RAK, Michael, Dec. 24. O'Brien's, Brighton Heights. (CO)

ROMANO, Noreen A. Dalesio, of Ross, Dec. 25. Devlin, Ross. (CO)

SCANLON, Clara, 87, of Oakland, Dec. 25. Elachko, Oakland. (CO)

SCHERER, the Rev. Richard P., of Miami, Fla., Dec. 21. Boron, Carrick. (CO)

SMITH, Robert A. "Smitty," 68, of Chartiers City, Dec. 25. Coston, Brighton Heights. (CO)

STAMPFEL, Joseph Jr., 77, of North Strabane, Dec. 12. (CO)

STECKO, Anne, 84, of Stowe, Dec. 25. Musmanno, Stowe. (CO)

SURANOVICH, Anna, 94, of Oakland, Dec. 26. Snyder, Irwin. (CO)

TORRE, John J., 76, of South Fayette, Dec. 26. Beinhauer-Fryer, Bridgeville. (CO)

TUMICKI, Walter P., of South Side, Dec. 26. Olechowicz, South Side. (CO)

TUREK, Harry W., 85, of Franklin Park, formerly of Emsworth and Beechview, Dec. 24. Simons, Ross. (CO)

WATKINS, Loretta M. Unger, 90, of Monringside, Dec. 24. McCabe, Shadyside. (CO)

WIGHT, Christopher John, 25, of Butler, Dec. 26. Brandt, Ross. (CO)

WISNIEWSKI, Ralph H., 65, of Hampton, Dec. 25. King, Hampton. (CO)

YOUNG, Evelyn Retzer, 89, of Ross, Dec. 23. Brandt, Ross. (CO)

YUROCHKO, Dorothy M. Darney, 91, of Carrick, Dec. 26. Boron, Carrick. (CO)


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