Latest deaths for July 9, 2006

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The Post-Gazette's comprehensive listings of recent deaths include two types of obituaries. News obituaries, prepared by our staff, are published at the discretion of our editors. Links to staff-written obituaries contain the individual's name. To suggest a news obituary, call 412-263-1601. The "Latest Deaths" report below is provided as a public service. We accept information for this list only from funeral directors and representatives of crematoriums and memorial societies, who may call 412-263-1601 from 9 8:30 p.m.

Some names in the list of latest deaths are followed by a "CO", which indicates that a Classified Obituary has been published for this individual. Funeral directors may place classified obituaries by calling 412-263-1371. To go to our list of classified obituaries, click here. Those wishing to express condolences or share memories can sign a guest book or post photos of the deceased at that section of the Web site.


ADAMISIN, George, 81, died July 6. Thomas P. Kunsak Funeral Home, Brighton Heights. (CO)

AGNEW, Ruth E. Foukes, 88, of Turtle Creek, died July 7. John L. Quinlan Funeral Home, Turtle Creek. (CO)

ANDRASCIK, Michael Andrew Sr., 92, of Verona, died July 7. English-Bertucci Funeral Home, Oakmont. (CO)

ANTOLCICH, Elizabeth "Betty," of Turtle Creek, died July 6. Robert P. Karish Funeral Home, Braddock Hills. (CO)

BARR, Alice W., died July 6. John A. Freyvogel Sons Funeral Home, Oakland. (CO)

BERGER, Gloria J. Fischetti, 75, of Penn Hills, died July 7. William F. Gross Funeral Home, Penn Hills. (CO)

BISHOP, Dale H., 87, of Baldwin Borough, died July 7. Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home, Pleasant Hills. (CO)

BLACKWELL, Levey, 61, of Oakland, died July 6. Robinson Funeral Home, Perry Hilltop.

BOYLE, Lawrence J. Jr., 74, of North Versailles, died July 7. Forgie-Snyder Funeral Home, East McKeesport. (CO)

BROWN, Rome Hollister, died July 7. Beinhauers Mortuary, Beechview. (CO)

BRYANT, Barbara Ann Mullen, 69, of Sheraden, died July 6. William F. Conroy Funeral Home, Sheraden. (CO)

BURKES, Elizabeth L., 86, of Robinson, died July 6. McDermott Funeral Home, Kennedy. (CO)

CARSON, Leona G., 98, of Oakmont, died July 1. English-Bertucci Funeral Home, Oakmont. (CO)

CAULFIELD, Bernard J., 75, of West Mifflin, formerly of Braddock, died July 6. Ronald V. Lucas Funeral Home, North Braddock. (CO)

COLLINS, Laura M., 74, of Crafton, died July 6. Robinson Funeral Home, Perry Hilltop.

CROOKS, Nadine M., 82, of Oakdale, died July 6. Wharton-Herrick Funeral Home, North Fayette. (CO)

DAVISON, Anna Marie, died July 7. Brusco-Napier Funeral Home, Beechview. (CO)

DeMARTINO, Helen R., 81, of Monroeville, died June 17. Thomas M. Smith Funeral Home & Crematory, Blawnox. (CO)

DeVOLA, Linda L. Muscia, 60, of Shaler, died July 7. Neely's Funeral Home, Glenshaw. (CO)

DOUGLAS, Madeline W., 82, of Carnegie, formerly of Scott, died July 7. Henney, Bradwell & Nirella Funeral Home, Carnegie.

DUFFY, John Jr., 86, of Oakmont, died July 8. Burket-Truby Funeral Home, Oakmont. (CO)

DUNHOFF, Floyd D., of Ingram, died July 6. Speer-Anthony Kaprive Funeral Home, Sheraden. (CO)

ECKBRETH, Richard, 45, of West Mifflin, died July 7. Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home, Pleasant Hills. (CO)

EICKER, Dorothy McLaughlin, 86, of Bethel Park, died July 6. David J. Henney Funeral Home, South Park. (CO)

ELLSWORTH, Pauline Sewak, 83, of Brookline, died July 8. John F. Slater Funeral Home, Brentwood. (CO)

ELSTRODT, Leonard M., 79, of Wall, died July 7. Alfieri Funeral Home, Wilmerding. (CO)

FIELDER, Frank J., 92, of Castle Shannon, died July 5. Beinhauer Mortuary, Beechview. (CO)

FREDERICK, Mildred G., 99, of Shaler, formerly of Hollidaysburg, died July 8. Neely's Funeral Home, Glenshaw. (CO)

FREITAG, Joan J. McKissick, 74, formerly of Prospect, died July 7. Schellhaas Funeral Home, Richland. (CO)

GISMONDI, Mary, of Dormont, died July 5. Laughlin Memorial Chapel, Mt. Lebanon. (CO)

GRESS, Barry, 47, of Monroeville, died July 5. James F. Filia Funeral Home, Wilmerding. (CO)

KILCHENSTEIN, Dolores M. Jasik, 78, died July 6. Howard A. Farnsworth Funeral Home, Mount Oliver. (CO)

LAVELLE, Leo J., of South Side, died July 7. Thomas J. Gmiter Funeral Home, South Side. (CO)

MALLINGER, Gertrude Levy, 90, of Squirrel Hill, died July 7. Ralph Schugar Chapel, Shadyside. (CO)

MANKE, Evelyn Eunice Jack, 79, of Penn Hills, died July 7. Maurice L. Knee Funeral Home, Plum. (CO)

MATARAZZO, Vincent W. "Chinzi," 82, of Monroeville, died July 5. Alfieri Funeral Home, Wilmerding. (CO)

McEWEN, Mary Agnes Drobney-Hanna, 89, of North Versailles, formerly of North Braddock, died July 6. Forgie-Snyder Funeral Home, East McKeesport. (CO)

McKAIN, Floyd L., 77, of Brentwood, died July 6. John F. Slater Funeral Home, Brentwood. (CO)

McKNIGHT, Robert W., 72, of Greenfield, died July 8. Edward P. Kanai Funeral Home, Greenfield. (CO)

McNASH, Ruby A. Darr, 74, of Forest Hills, died July 7. Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home, East Pittsburgh. (CO)

McNEILLY, Leo Vincent, 75, of Lawrenceville, died July 4. William Slater & Sons Funeral Home, Mount Washington. (CO)

MESSNER, Joseph H., died July 8. Thomas P. Kunsak Funeral Home, Brighton Heights. (CO)

MILLER, Elmer D., 79, of South Park, died July 6. Jefferson Memorial Funeral Home, Pleasant Hills. (CO)

MYCYK, Geraldine Aranos "Jerry," 77, of North Versailles, died July 6. Alfieri Funeral Home, Wilmerding. (CO)

OLAH, Olga K., 90, of Churchill, died July 8. Wolfe Memorial, Forest Hills. (CO)

PALMIERI, Petrina DiNardo, 82, of Greenfield, died July 7. Edward P. Kanai Funeral Home. (CO)

PETRILLI, Filomena, 91, of Bloomfield, died July 7. Winter Funeral Home, Bloomfield. (CO)

PIRRO, Patsy R., 95, of McKees Rocks, died July 6. Anthony M. Musmanno Funeral Home, Stowe. (CO)

RANKIN, Carl S. Jr., died July 7. Findlay C. Wylie Funeral Home, Penn Hills. (CO)

RICHARDS, Charles W., 59, of McKees Rocks, died July 7. McDermott Funeral Home, McKees Rocks. (CO)

ROTH, Robert, 84, of Scott, died July 8. William Slater II Funeral Services, Scott. (CO)

RUMCIK, Thomas M. "Tom," 37, of Braddock, died July 5. Theodore J. Schleifer Jr. Funeral Home, Braddock. (CO)

SCHWEMM, Rose Marie, of Millvale, died July 6. Healy-Hahn Funeral Home, Millvale. (CO)

SCOTT, William G., 90, of Sewickley, died July 5. Richard D. Cole Funeral Home, Sewickley.

SIPKO, Ella Mae Lippert, 61, of Ross, died July 6. Schellhaas Funeral Home, West View. (CO)

SLEBRICH, Philip S., of North Versailles, died July 7. Thomas L. Nied Funeral Home, Swissvale. (CO)

SOBIE, Lois C Bargman, 77, of Homestead, died July 7. R.V. Anderson Funeral Home. (CO)

SOROKA, Michael, 84, of Crafton, died July 6. Valerian F. Szal Funeral Home, McKees Rocks.

STEWART, Theresa B., 88, of Mt. Lebanon, formerly of Waynesburg, Greene County, died June 29. Freyvogel-Slater Funeral Home, Bethel Park. (CO)

THOMAS, Lila J., 84, of Elizabeth, died July 7. Paul E. Bekavac Funeral Home, Elizabeth. (CO)

TKACH, Hazel Croft, 74, of Wall, died July 7. Alfieri Funeral Home, Wilmerding. (CO)

VALENTINO, Carlotta T. Andreone, 92, of Bridgeville, died July 7. Bogan-Wolf Funeral Home, Bridgeville. (CO)

VALLOWE, Elizabeth B., 90, of Monroeville, died July 7. Gene H. Corl Funeral and Cremation Center of Monroeville. (CO)

VARGO, Margaret M., 83, of Munhall, died July 8. Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home, Munhall. (CO)

WATCHEK, Joseph, died July 8. Bagnato Funeral Home, Carnegie. (CO)

ZELLEZNICK, Robert, 83, of Mount Washington, died July 6. Brusco-Falvo Funeral Home, Mount Washington. (CO)


DELGUZZO, Elena, 99, of Aliquippa, died July 8. Wayne N. Tatalovich Funeral Home, Aliquippa.

KOPRIVA, Genevieve, 89, of New Brighton, died July 7. J&J Spratt Funeral Home, New Brighton.

RAAB, Irene, 79, of Aliquippa, died July 8. Mastrofrancesco Funeral Home, Aliquippa.

SCHMIDT, Donald Lee, of New Sewickley, died July 7. Devlin Funeral Home, Cranberry. (CO)


RENTZ, Elsie C., 84, of Zelienople, formerly of North Side and Linesville, Crawford County, died July 6. Neely Funeral Home, Shaler. (CO)


BARTON, Joan Cynthia Fitzpatrick, 71, of North Strabane, died July 3. Leo J. Henney Funeral Home, Carnegie. (CO)

CONEBY, Norman K., 80, of Canonsburg, died July 6. McIlvaine-Speakman Funeral Home, Houston.

GUILD, Cindy A., 50, of Eighty Four, died July 6. Kegel Funeral Home, Finleyville.

KEITZER, June A., 76, of Murrysville, died July 8. Hart Funeral Home, Murrysville. (CO)

STOUT, Jean E. Armor, 90, of Hanover, died July 7. Wharton-Herrick Funeral Home, North Fayette. (CO)


CRAWFORD, Diane C. Thompson, 41 of Trafford, died July 5. Findlay C. Wylie Funeral Home, Penn Hills. (CO)

KEITZER, June, A., 76, of Murrysville, died July 8. Hart Funeral Home, Murrysville.

PALLONE, Mary D., 92, of Monessen, died July 6. Robert A. Billick Funeral Home, Monessen. (CO)


BREISCH, Jean Mong, 84, of Vero Beach, Fla., formerly of Pittsburgh, died June 27. (CO)

FRANEY, Elizabeth McDonald, 95, of Westerville, Ohio, formerly of Trafford, died July 5. William O. Pearce Funeral Home, Pitcairn. (CO)

GIDUS, Frances, 71, of Murrells Inlet, S.C., died July 6. Goldfinch Funeral Home, South Carolina. (CO)

GORDON, Glenn McCloskey, 53, of Islamorada, Fla., formerly of Key Biscayne, Fla. and Pittsburgh, died June 30. Mason Funeral Home, Key Biscayne, Fla. (CO)

HAYES, Eugene Edward, 84, of Dunbar, Fayette County, died July 7. Stephen R. Haky Funeral Home, Uniontown. (CO)

HECKATHORN, Rosann F. Kunkel, 84, of Fairfax, Va., died July 5. Lawrence T. Miller Funeral Home, Bellevue. (CO)

JANCZAK, Raphael A. "Ray," 78, of Venice, Fla., formerly of Pittsburgh, died July 5. Farley Funeral Home, Venice, Fla. (CO)

KERN, Ethel P. Grassel, of Ohio, died July 8. Beinhauers Mortuary, Beechview. (CO)

LISCIO, Pauline E., 86, of Saltsburg, Indiana County, died July 6. Curran Funeral Home, Saltsburg. (CO)

MACDONALD, Irene Laura, 77, of Grove City, Mercer County, died July 7. Smith Funeral Home, Slippery Rock.

McDONOUGH, John "Jay" Frederick, 78, of Indiana, Pa., formerly of Mt. Lebanon, died July 7. Bence-Mihalcik Funeral Home, Indiana, Pa.

MILTENBERGER, Dolores E., 92, of Santa Fe, N.M., formerly of Overbrook, died July 6. (CO)

NORMAN, Ralph C., 74, of Sun City Center, Fla., formerly of Pittsburgh and St. Petersburg, Fla., died July 3. Lewers Funeral Home, Ruskin, Fla. (CO)

PASSMORE, Catherine, 90, of Port Richey, Fla., formerly of Hazelwood, died July 7, ELmer L. Herman, Hazelwood.

ROCKFORD, Richard G. Jr., of Jacksonville, Fla., formerly of Shaler, died July 5. T.B. Devlin Funeral Home, Ross. (CO)

SAMBOL, Murray, 95, of Pembroke Pines, Fla., formerly of Squirrel Hill, died July 5. Ralph Schugar Chapel, Shadyside. (CO)

VODDE, Bernie, 29, died July 5. McComb & Sons Funeral Home, Fort Wayne, Ind. (CO)

Correction/Clarification: (Published July 10, 2006) Laura M. Collins, 74, of Crafton, died July 6. Her last name was misspelled in this Latest Deaths column published July 9, 2006.


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